Why Responsive Web Design matters

Why Responsive Web Design matters

Responsive design

Gone are the days when desktop is the only source of accessing the internet.

Today, the adoption of mobile devices like Smartphones, tablets has grown rapidly and become the first mode of accessing the web. Now everyone wants a responsive design for their websites that could smoothly run on all devices(mobiles/tablets/desktops). Responsive web design become one of the most powerful web development trends. So next question arises why responsive design matters for your website? To understand first we will discuss what exactly Responsive design is?

What is Responsive web design?
Responsive web design is one in which development is done in such a way that all the images, structure and content of the website remains same on any of the devices and ensures the smooth functioning of the website. By responsive design, we don't need to make different versions of a website according to different screen sizes. Below are some reasons why we need responsive web design.

6.1 Billion Smartphone users by 2020
Isn't it a very big number to answer any question related to why responsive design matters.

Outdo user experience and increased conversion rate
A responsive website makes more visitors happier as compare to unresponsive one. Conversion rate also increases by 21-24% with a responsive website.

Minimum maintenance
Before the period of responsive designs, we mainly have 2 actions to perform.
First, To create an only desktop site which looks drastic on mobile browsers.
Second, To create a separate website that supports mobile device browsers.
Creating different sites for different platforms undoubtedly increase the cost of both creating and maintaining the site, and if we go only with desktop site, then we are losing our mobile visitors thus may lose in potential customers.

Responsive web design help in better search engine rankings
Whether it is Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine all prefer responsive sites. Search engines recommend and promote responsive web design.

Reduces Page load time
Whenever it comes to Search engine rankings, page load time is one of the important factors. Search engines always honor fast-loading web pages, which takes just one second or less than that to load. Responsive web design results in fast loading and search engines can identify the content more efficiently and easily index all the content.

Above article gives the clear picture portraying the importance of a responsive web design and now if you need any further assistance on the same and to get a responsive website done, contact us.

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