website logo

How to choose the Best logo for your business website?

Every website needs a logo, there's no question about it.It is not only a procurator at the top of your website but the soul of any business. A logo actually describes your business, what you provide, what type of business you are doing, it helps in establish brand trust and identification. So you should be very careful while choosing a logo for your business website. By thinking little out of the box, you can get a logo which will have a positive impact on your business.

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Interesting facts

Interesting facts about the World Wide Web

Some interesting facts you must know about WWWThe virtual world of internet is more into existence and connected than the people in the real world because it is connecting everyone throughout the world. But do you know about some really interesting facts of this virtual entity? I am sure you don't, so go ahead and give a read to this interesting blog world wide web.

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Seo Techniques

SEO Techniques- Black Hat & White Hat

Understanding SEO techniques are very much importantif you don't want your website to get penalized by search engines. SEO techniques are classified into 2 broad categories that are Black Hat & White Hat.White Hat SEO- techniques used to improve search engine rankings, following all rules and regulations set by search engines. It is also called as ethical SEO.

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drupal history

History of Drupal- From Dorp to Drupal 8.0

If we ask about the history of Drupal from Dries Buytaert (Founder of Drupal). He simply states- "For me, it is a chain of interesting surprises.Drupal was started as a forum for some friends to inspect their shared internet connection and now it is one of the most powerful CMS available in the market.The meaning of "Dorp" in Dutch is "village" & that is how Drupal got its start.

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partner with us

Partner with Auxesis Infotech for a Prosperous Year

If you are looking for a for a reliable tech partnerbut unable to find the right match who will actually deliver results according to your or your client's requirements. Then I would like to introduce you to  Auxesis InfoTech as your best tech partner with reasons why u should partner with us for a thriving year.

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business website

Why your Business need a Website?

Running your own business and not having website, are you kidding me???We are living in an era where online presence has been a part of daily routine of most of us.

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