Bondor is a roof and walling solutions manufacturing company.

Bondor has unrivaled experience in design assistance and construction.

Technical Requirement, Functionality and Implementation Details

Bondor is a roof and walling solutions manufacturing company. They had a quite primitive website and were looking for a rebranding and website customisation. Our tasks were to give an outright makeover to the look and feel of the website and also to enhance the functionalities of the website. We completely redesigned the front end and used bootstrap framework to make this site completely responsive. Also, there was a second phase which consisted of a huge list of backend customisations. Lot of the functionalities were enhanced using Drupal modules and custom coding solutions to make it exactly what the client required from us. These enhancements were mostly huge improvements in terms of e-commerce features. The site was using Ubercart and client was interested in getting the entire feature re implemented using drupal commerce. This brought in additional challenges of existing data migration which our team resolved. The client was truly impressed and overwhelmed with the end product.