Grow Then Abler is a platform for startups to get hands-on coaching and mentoring for preparing investor pitches. They get real-time coaching, feedback and improvement suggestions through a few product the client runs on the site. Also, there are numerous interesting articles and blogs to read.

Technical Requirement, Functionality and Implementation Details

This project was to build an eye-catching and functionally reach website for a company that helped other start ups to be funding ready and other vast pool of technical know hows to succeed in their business and in getting funding from venture capitalists. They also had various VCs in their network who would invest in interesting concepts. Needless to say, they needed in a very creative designing and some very complex and intricate functionalities. They designed the site in-house, and provided us with the PSDs, but even in the designing process, our company was involved in functional planning and suggesting interesting features make the site more interesting. Once designing was done, our team was ready to build the backend, structure, and functionalities. The project was executed perfectly, and the end result was a feature rich website with high-quality design.