This project is about finding right tradesman and service provider for your job. Different service providers register to the site and can create a profile. A person looking to get a job done will register as an user, and then will post a job, by adding various details. Once the job is posted, they can search for service providers, and invite them for submitting quotes. Also service providers can directly submit quotes to a job that matches his category. The jobs can have a limit on the number of quotes that can be submitted. Users can periodically review the quotes that have been submitted, can live chat with the service providers, and can reject those that does not interest him, making room for more quotes to be submitted in case if the job has a limit on number of quotes that can be submitted. Once an user has selected a quote, he can accept the quote, and the job status changes to in progress. As the job is completed, the user can come back to the site, mark the job as complete, and leave a feedback to the service provider, which is then displayed in his profile.

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