Trhkvetov is an e-commerce marketplace for flowers and related ancillary products.It is also a complete multi-vendor system where each vendor can register and add their products.This is a classic example of a multi vendor ecommerce marketplace built with Drupal 7 + Drupal commerce. The requirement of the client was simple - to build an ecommerce marketplace for flowers with Drupal 7 + Drupal commerce. It had to be a complete multi vendor system with each vendor registering and adding products. The total sell amount was to be splitted between the site admin and the vendor account. The main feature we needed to implement was the money splitting between the site owner and the vendor. luckily, drupal commerce has a very extensive API which we used. We hooked into the payment hooks, which right after payment calculated and splitting has made necessary payments to the merchants through programmatic handling of the payment gateways. Similarly the shipping and country restrictions were implemented. Also drupal fields and forms API was extensively used for creation of merchant accounts and making them choose the allowed shipping method and currency.The finished product was exactly as per the requirement and we exceeded client’s expectations not only in terms of end result but also in our communication, project handling and innovation.

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