This site is a membership websites, where different professionals form close-knit groups and then hold meetings to exchange professional expertise and help each other.

Technical Requirement, Functionality and Implementation Details

This project came to us to create some extensive and complex additional features to the site and also to restructure a few features as those were not performing well and needed to rebuild. Our team of experts reviewed the existing architecture of the site in detail and to begin with, recommended rebuilding the problematic features and repaired the logic where possible. This process went on for a few months and once complete, it already made the site much faster, also the better architecture brought along much more usability to its members. Next came in the task of implementing new features. First and foremost task in this was creating a detailed membership profile for each user, with various details like offers, expertise points, videos etc to put out in an attractive and readable design. After this another extensive task was building a partnership feature and marketing dashboard. While each user should have been able to send partnership requests to another and establish partnerships, they have a section which they can fill in various questionnaires and create marketing strategies. They can even share these strategies with their established partners, and then these starts to show up in a common space called partnership dashboard. It is similar to the the marketing strategy dashboard, but with only common strategies between the two partners. These features were well planned and executed and the client was extremely happy with the end result and simplicity of use for these complex features. Some other features include tutorials feature, poll feature, mentoring feature where members can seek help from other members and members who can offer help can track who needs help in a particular domain. The project was a big success and all the site members were extremely happy with the new additions and the overall feedback was very positive.