Why Drupal  


We Love Drupal

Absolutely yes, we are in love with this framework. It is this passion and love for Drupal, that has helped us to achieve mastery over this beast which is otherwise not easy to tame!!

Drupal Websites



Drupal Meetups

Drupal Events We Have Sponsored  

We sponsor Drupal events, as we believe that a strong and well knit community is what makes Drupal what it is today. Sponsoring these events gives us a chance to mix up and exchange knowledge with our fellow Drupal enthusiasts and become a part of the community.




Our Contribution to Community

We love giving back to the community. We understand that everyday we use code written by others, so as and when possible, we contribute back to the community with the codes written by us, so that members of community get benifited likewise. We totally believe in the spirit of open source development and try to uplift and encourage community contribution always.


This is a small module that provides the vertical tab contents of a node add/edit form as panels content type. Different vertical tab components can be displayed/hidden through an interface


With this module you can expose any number of node add/edit forms in a block and allow ajax saving of those, even when multiple blocks of same type are added in the same page


This module provides panels styles. Horizontal Tab, Vertical Tab, Accordion, Grid, and Slideshow are supported. Panels is a very powerful module, and these style plugins enhance it's utility more.


Our Drupal Specialities  

Drupal Web Development

We build extremely performant and feature rich websites harnessing the awesome power that Drupal has to offer. Our team has a great deal of experience in architecting Drupal based complex web solutions and delivering powerful and dynamic websites. Drupal is a great framework, but to be able to utilise it fully, a lot of understanding and knowledge is required regarding it's architecture and APIs. Our team comprises of expert Drupal architects, Drupal UI specialists and Drupal theamers and we can act as an one stop solution to all your Drupal needs.

Drupal Theming

We implement your favourite design into a clean, well structured and performant Drupal theme which follows the standards. Drupal has an exceptional theming layer, and coding a Drupal theme is not just about a PSD to HTML conversion. Our team of Drupal UI experts and Drupal theamers have the right mix of knowledge and experience to develop a Drupal theme, as per proper standards and utilising the process and preprocess layers.

Custom Drupal Development

We provide high quality functionality enhancement, customisation and custom module development services for Drupal strictly conforming to Drupal best practices. Again, to harness the full power of Drupal, one needs to have a sound understanding of Drupal APIs and architecture. Our team of Drupal architects can suggest you the perfect solution for your feature enhancement, feature building and existing feature update needs. We take pride in the solutions we meant out, and strictly believe in following the coding standards and doing Drupal, "The Drupal Way"

Drupal Optimisation

We provide Drupal optimisation and performance enhancement services to turn your slow website into a blazingly fast and optimised one. Drupal sites, if not developed by following proper standards and optimal architectural design, can be costly in terms of performance. Our team of Drupal experts can review your site's architecture, and can recommend solutions and fixes that will help you bring your site's performance back on track.

Drupal Staffing

We commission quality Drupal developers on various commitment modes to supplement your in-house Drupal development resource shortage. Are you having a Drupal project requirement, but don't have an adequate in-house resource with sound Drupal skills to execute the work? We can come to your rescue. We can act as an offshore extension to your team, and get your projects executed, based on various monthly and hourly models of work. Our smooth communication process, transparent updating and tracking practices will not make you feel alien to the day to day executions and progress.

Drupal Migration

We provide end to end migration services from other platforms and other proprietary CMS products to Drupal bringing in all the site data into the new build. Drupal migration is a very specialised service, and having a sound knowledge of Drupal is not enough. For this, you need skilled and seasoned PHP developers, who are able to visualise the data structure and oversee the data mapping process successfully, as one of the main aspect of migration is to move the site contents and the data. After overseeing a lot of successful migration projects, we are confident our team is fully up for handling the technical and architectural challenges related to your upcoming other CMS to Drupal migration need.

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