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There’s No Scope For These Mistakes in Web Designing, Avoid Them!

It's no hidden secret that mobile applications are easy to use-tools.

As they say, the website is the face of your business, thus, it should be fantastic and flawless in every aspect. This means that proper and detailed attention should be given to a website throughout its development and designing process. Even after a business website is live and in use for customers, various tests should be run on a regular interval to ascertain the performance of the website. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons why websites of big businesses seem so perfect and flawless because they always keep a check on their site performance which is a good practice. 

I have heard many developers and designers saying that even after giving all their 100% to a website, some errors still left unnoticed by them. As much as I know, these are the mistakes that are most common in nature and still many developers fail to notice them in the first place. It doesn’t matter if you have not ever fallen in that similar situation, this post is still for every developer and designer out there to help them look for some most common website design mistakes every time they build a website. 


  • Complicated Platform

Hiring a website designer means giving professional expertise to your website. Most of the time, the expertise of a designer is restricted to certain platforms. The decision of choosing a website designing platform which requires knowledge outside of your designer’s skillset might backfire. As a result of that, there are chances you might fall in a situation where you’ll be unable to service the website and keep it up-to-date. The best practice to avoid this type of mistake is - first, choose a platform and then hire a designer who has experience and knowledge in that particular platform. 


  • Too Many Messages

Ever landed on a website where a number of messages have appeared before even actually giving you the information for which you’ve landed on that site. Well, that’s kind of disoriented, isn’t it? A major chunk of visitors considered such messages as obstacles and the websites as unfocused. These websites are more like those offline stores where salespeople keep on bombarding customers in order to sell something unwanted. 

Coming on to the solution, well, it’s best to keep it simple. Instead of making your customers forcefully visiting a web page, guide visitors to what you want them to see. Even if you put any message on your website, make sure it includes some sort of benefits users can get performing the stated action. 


  • Cluttered Pages

Texts and graphics are indeed one of the important factors that convince visitors to visit the website again. But when both elements become too much on a website, it eventually backfires. Visual clutter often makes it difficult for visitors to find the right information. As a result of that, the credibility of the website also gets hampered. A report published by Forbes states that design elements including obnoxious ads and layouts are two important factors creating a feeling of distrust in visitors. As a solution to this, remove all the elements from the page that create a distraction.


  • Broken Links

Another thing that frustrates visitors is broken link/s. If your website design is having broken links, then there are higher chances that the users’ confidence and trust on your website might erode. Therefore, it is advisable to review all the links on your website on a regular interval and make sure that they are intact and are working. If any broken is found, fix it right away.


  • Hard-to-read Fonts

Your exceptionally-well written content is nothing without a readable font type and size. It’s the natural habit of users to just give a glance over the page. With that one glance, they decide whether or not to stay on the page. Stick with the fonts that are easily visible and easy to read. 


  • Stale or Boring Content

Remember, content is king! There is no place for stale or boring content in the present time. Google also prefers fresh content over the copied content. For a fact, the ranking of your website majorly depends on the content. Neglected twitter feeds, abandoned blogs, and poorly managed and updated Instagram photos say that your website is dull and the business is neglected. Therefore, you should make sure that your website only includes freshly written blogs (that are not plagiarised) and qazwsxqwaszx123! content. Besides, feature social feeds on your website only if you can regularly update them.

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Each of these design mistakes is avoidable during the designing process. Still, if any of them remains on your website, you can fix them with the right combination of expert help and effort. However, it is best to hire professional designers who make sure that none of these mistakes occurs on your website once it is published. Auxesis Infotech is one of the highly professional and recommended web agency having a team of expert designers that only believe in giving the best and delivering the best to their clients. 


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