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Achievements & Rewards

Nothing Great Can Ever Be Achieved Without Passion and Hard Work!


The Manifest

The Manifest is another platform which gathers and verify hard data, and expert advice to form an overall review about a particular company. They have an aim to help businesses to grow and to provide them with practical business wisdom. Our work is also appreciated by The Manifest. They have ranked us as one of the best service providers in the digital space.

2021 Top 10 Drupal Developers in India

Drupal development is our chief expertise. We always ensure to provide the best quality services. In January 2021, we are amongst India’s top 10 Drupal developers.

July 2021 Top 15 Web Design Companies in India

Another month, another feather added to the cap. We feel proud in telling you that we’ve been named amongst the top 15 web design companies in India by the Manifest in July 2021.

2020 TOP 40 Drupal Developers in India

2020 began on a great note for us. In the start of the year itself, we were rewarded as the badge of India’s top 40 Drupal developers in 2020 by The Manifest.

2020 TOP 50 Drupal Developers in the UK

Not just in India, in the year 2020, Auxesis Infotech was also listed amongst the top 50 Drupal developers in the United Kingdom by the Manifest.

2020 TOP 50 Web Development Companies in the UK

Our exceptional and client-centric services helped us achieve the recognition of being one of the top 50 web designers in 2020 in the UK given by The Manifest

2020 TOP 50 Web Designers in the UK

Web designing is one of our core services. We always believe in delivering complete client satisfaction. With this vision, we’re one of the UK’s top 50 web designers.


Clutch is a leading platform which showcases authentic and in-depth reviews of companies. They collect clients’ feedback and analyze industry data to form a review of a company. Since our inception, we have been rewarded with many badges and recognitions by The credit goes to our experts who have shown utmost dedication and hard work towards their work all throughout these years.

2021 Top Design Agencies in India

Auxesis Infotech has been named amongst the top design agencies in India in 2021 by Clutch. We’re proud to say that we’ve got some talented minds to provide our clients with the best services and here is the result of that.

2021 Top Web Designers

For the second consecutive year, we’ve been named top designers. But this it’s the Clutch that has recognized us as one of the top web designers in 2021 globally.

Global 2019 Top 1000 Companies

An achievement to cherish for a lifetime! After the whole internal inspection, and digging, we were announced as one of the world’s top 1000 companies in 2019 by the

2019 Top Web Developers In India

As a web development firm, it’s an honour to be recognized as the top service provider in the industry. Auxesis Infotech was listed amongst the top web developers in India in 2019.

2018 Top B2B Leaders In India

An aspect of our vision of being the best was somewhere fulfilled when we were listed amongst the world’s top B2B leaders in 2018. However, we still have a lot to do and achieve.

web design company
GLOBE 2020 Top Ecommerce Development Companies And Agencies

Auxesis Infotech is acclaimed as one of the top e-commerce development companies & agencies in 2020 in the world.

mobile app development company
GLOBE 2020 Top Web Development Companies And Developers

Whenever it’s about the world's top web development companies & developers in 2020, Auxesis Infotech is counted amongst them.


Upvotes is more like a community where one can find the best B2B companies, categorized by their areas of expertise. Just to let you know, our services are also considered top-notch by Upvotes. They have placed us on the list of best web development companies in the tech industry.


Other Badges

One is chance, twice is a coincidence, third time it’s a pattern! If you think our achievements are just a chance or a coincidence, well, hold on, we have set a pattern to achieve greater heights through our vision of complete customer satisfaction, no matter what!

wordpress developer


Top WordPress Developer


For our continuous dedication and exemplary services, we have been recognized amongst top WordPress developers in 2021 by TopDevelopers - an acclaimed review and rating platform.

wordpress developer
2021 Best Web Developers


Another feather to the cap! We are proud to announce that we have been recognized as the best web developers in Houston in 2021 by

wordpress developer


Mobile App Development Company


Auxesis Infotech has been named one of the top app developers in Houston by The list of leaders was compiled based on expertise, experience, quality of services, and reliability of the development companies.

wordpress developer


Software Companies


Auxesis Infotech has again achieved the milestone of being one of the Top Software Companies in Texas in 2021. And this time it’s Techreviewer who has recognized our work.

wordpress developer

Top 15

Web Development Companies in


The year 2020 was tough but we continued to work towards our vision. And here we’re amongst India’s top 15 web development companies in 2021.

wordpress developer

Top 30

Web Design Companies in


Auxesis Infotech has done it again! We are on the list of top 30 web design companies in India in 2021 published by GoodFirms.

wordpress developer

One of Top 100

Digital Agencies in June

Hard work, dedication, and perseverance is our secret mantra to deliver the best services. And it has always paid off; we’ve been named amongst the top 100 digital agencies in 2021 by Agency Spotter.

ios developer


Drupal Developers in March

We take pride in telling you that we’ve been named amongst the top Drupal developers in the month of March 2021 by Top Developers.

android app development company

One Of Top 50

Web Agencies in Feb

We always strive for excellence and in the process, we’ve achieved a number of milestones. One of them is us being on the list of top 50 web agencies in February 2021 published by the Agency Spotter.

ecommerce website design

Top 15

Drupal Development Companies

Even in the tough times of 2020, we continued to strive to be the best through our hard work and dedication. We are in the top 3 of the 15 best Drupal development companies of 2020.

drupal vs wordpress


Drupal Development Companies

After inspecting and digging the quality and satisfaction level of our services, has placed us amongst the best Drupal development companies in 2020.

web design services


Web Companies in India

As they say, hard work pays off! We are pleased to announce that we are counted amongst the top web companies in India in 2020.

digital marketing agency

Delhi’s Top 30

Web Development companies in


Not just overseas, but our work is also appreciated locally. We’re one of Delhi’s top 30 web development companies in 2020.

UI UX Design


Drupal Developers

Same recognitions, different platform! We are also on the Top Dev Firms’ list of top Drupal developers in 2020.

Graphic design

Top 30

Web Design & Development

Companies in 2020

Indeed, it’s no luck! SoftwareWorld has placed us amongst the top 30 web design and development companies in 2020.


What Our Clients Say

Henrick Rudbeg Work Done : Website Design & Development

A great team to work with. Not only they will work exactly as expected, but they also provide feedback to optimize even further. I will definitely be working with them in the future!

Jeff Colburn Work Done : Website Design & Development

They went above and beyond my expectations! Very knowledgeable Drupal experts. They set up a complicated shopping cart for my website. Thanks, guysss!!!!

John Callanang Work Done : Website Design & Development

An absolutely perfect experience. I am extremely impressed and will definitely work with this company again. Great communication, and impeccable work.

Rsnookes Work Done : RE-DESIGN AND RE-BRAND for existing website

I am running out of things to say. Always deliver, always find a solution, always enhance the design we propose - always right. What more can you say? USE THESE GUYS! brilliant. Excellent work great work again.

Dtaiwo Work Done : Build a Website US based company front end CMS website

Auxesis Infotech team as they claim are the best guys out there when it comes to Drupal. They went way beyond our expectations to deliver a very successful product. What we like the best about them is that they go out of their way to understand the requirements.

Asaro Work Done : Website Development

Very professional and understanding to our needs. Our website is very custom and we required a lot of last-minute changes etc. They were very patient and took the time to really understand what we required. Very happy with the entire project and would definitely recommend them and would hire again. Thanks so much :)

Esther Dekker Work Done : WP-Client Portal Project

Aritra and his team were great and are true Drupal specialists. Would recommend them to anyone. It was a pleasure to communicate with Aritra as his answers were quick and to the point. Still working with him!

Stilsicher Work Done : Design for a new Shopware Onlineshop

I am 100% satisfied with the result! Incredibly accurate, reliable and patient. Communication works very well! I have changed many times the look of the website and they always changed until I was 100% satisfied! I will hire them definitely again!

Dkonietzka Work Done : Create an interactive timeline for Wordpress

Always a pleasure working with you guys. Very fast and a good understanding of our requirements. Looking forward to future projects!

Timward Work Done : Amazon Affiliate Website

Did an excellent job when building my website. Also, walked me through the process when I had questions. I would highly recommend them for other work. Good service :)

Their ability to bring the best out of themselves is something that we immensely appreciate.

Director of Operations, Fashion Retailer

Their project management process is impressive.

VP, Healthcare Company

They had an excellent understanding of Drupal and good ability to implement user requirements.

Communication Manager, GOGLA

They delivered a great e-commerce product with the desired features and page list.

Technical Freelancer, Self-Employed

As we progressed, I had to compromise. I didn’t want to jeopardize it by not finishing, but that’s what happened.

Owner CFO, Wholesale Company

Their ability to bring the best out of themselves is something that we immensely appreciate.

Director of Operations, Fashion Retailer

Their project management process is impressive.

VP, Healthcare Company