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Follow These Tips to Design Effective Product Pages
23 June, 2020

6 Tips to Create an Outstanding Product Page on Your E-commerce Store

Do you own an online shopping business? Well, that’s great. But do you know that your website is lacking far behind from your competitors if it includes clunky product pages? Well-design product pages are essential to convert your visitors into customers. It is no hidden secret that successful product pages are important to make your e-commerce website design successful. Visitors who make it to your product page depicts the heavy lifting and money spent to reach there. Hence, it is very important to create an effective user experience that offers customers what they need in order to become a customer. Therefore, here I present some tips for creating the best e-commerce product pages. 

  • Keep It Simple

One of the basic yet the most important rule to design a product page is - keep it simple. It is a good idea to keep it simple when it comes to e-commerce website design. The more things you put on your product page, like pop-ups, banner ads, and colors. Putting all these things will kill your chances of closing a sale. With those tons of whistles and bells on your website, the visitors will see them as distractions. Hence, keep your design simple, clear, and clean for visitors. 

  • Put Your Shopper At Ease

To create a successful product page on your e-commerce website, it is important to address potential hesitations or concerns that visitors might feel on your product page. While buying a product, a buyer often thinks many times about different things like - Can  I return this product? What’s the life of this product? Are sizes accurate? As a trusted e-commerce platform, all the questions must be answered by you. Provide visual guides, clear copy, and instructions about the product for customers. In addition, think of more ways how you can put your shoppers at ease.

  • Customers Reviews Are Important 

One of the most important tips for creating the best e-commerce product pages is - providing reviews about the product. It’s no hidden secret that customers trust online reviews much like a personal recommendation. So, it is always a good practice to design a product page in a way that also includes product reviews of those customers who have purchased the same product from your site. 

  • Craft Creative Copy

Pick any successful product page, it includes a strong on-page copy. It’s one of those hardly talked about e-commerce product page best practices. But having a craft creative copy is indeed beneficial for your product page. Your product page could lack despite having strong visual content like images and videos. However, it is also important to know that while creating a creative copy, avoid any sort of over-complicated language. 

  • The Page Speed Matters

While hiring e-commerce development services, you must have given the importance to the site loading time. But along with that home page of your website, the speed of the product pages also matters. They have to be responsive and snappy. Laggy product pages can kill your potential customers’ interest from your website and you will eventually lose conversions and sales. 

  • Amazing High-Quality Product Images

Including high-quality product images of a particular product is indeed important for a successful product page. In fact, it is one of those e-commerce product page best practices. As customers, we ourselves know about what is the importance of a good quality image of a product that we are looking to buy. To get those high-quality photos, you should look to invest in good photography services. 

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With these tips, you can certainly create successful product pages of your e-commerce website. However, if you are building an e-commerce website, make sure you create outstanding product pages during that period only. And if you are looking for professional help, Auxesis Infotech here for you. Being a top-rated e-commerce development company, we offer the best solutions to our clients considering their expectations and goals into mind.

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