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20 January, 2019

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Benefits & Drawbacks

Everything You Need to Know About AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

You must be wondering what is AMP? You might have noticed this term thrown around lately quite frequently but it left you thinking. Often times, you must have seen a flash kind of symbol beside search results when you conduct a cursory search on your mobile phone.

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages?)

While a few of you might have heard it, but for those who are unfamiliar, AMP is an open-source Google project that helps make the mobile pages load really fast. Although AMP was initiated by Google it’s not owned by it as there are a couple of supporters for it such as Bing, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

How AMP Works?

AMP plugin renders your mobile page to load more quickly by slashing the HTML code tag manager aspects and presenting the content marketing that is suitable for a mobile user. It usually works by stripping away a large portion of the original website content (that a user usually searches on Google) and making it optimized for viewing on mobile.

This, in turn, causes the amp pages to load lightning fast by cutting down the time between the search results and the loaded page. Some draw similarities between AMP and Facebook believing it came as a direct response to Facebook’s loading of articles without leaving the page altogether.

Benefits of AMP for Your Business

Did you ever try opening yours or any website on mobile? Of course, you must have, that’s a silly question to ask. But the point is were you happy with the time taken to load your website? Let me guess, you weren’t.

While loading a good website layout on the desktop gives you ample time even with a fast broadband connection but loading website on mobile working on local data plans. I know it doesn’t sound too good!

Let’s understand the benefits of AMP to ascertain why AMP is important for your business:

  1. This is no brainer that AMP lets pages load super quick keeping the visitors glued to your page resulting in low bounce rates and high conversion rates.
  2. Since we all know that a page’s loading speed is a critical factor in determining its ranking factor, pages fast loading pages rank better at Google leading to better visibility, click through rate, and conversions. In the long run, AMP-lified pages improve the SEO of a website.
  3. If your site loads faster than your competitor’s, you have a better chance of eating up on your competitor’s share of stay time and more conversions and sales.
  4. Apart from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. are also bent upon displaying AMP-lified pages first in their search results.

Drawbacks of AMP

Since we’re talking about a definitive guide to AMPs, it would be unfair to talk only about the benefits of AMP without referring to the drawbacks of AMP. Let’s see what are the drawbacks of AMP, however few they are:

  1. AMP-run pages support ads, though it’s certainly not recommended to run ads on AMP-lified pages as it seriously restricts a page’s potential to earn revenue.
  2. Although AMP supports Google Analytics a different tag is required to implement that on AMP-lified pages. The process takes a lot of time in collecting and analyzing data.
  3. You would be required a new mobile theme for your website if you want your website to be AMP friendly making it a more exorbitant and time-consuming process for you.
  4. Since we know that AMP strips down the HTML codes to make them load faster, it might intervene with the branding and appeal of the website and make it look unattractive and ugly.

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In this blog, you need to know about AMP from its introduction to how it works, its benefits, and its drawbacks. If you can manage the time and resources to AMP-lify your pages, there is no reason not to do that as this isn’t going to stay for long. So make the most of it while it’s still there. Contact Auxesis Infotech if you need professional help from tech geeks to simplify the job for you.

what is AMP, benefits of AMP for your business
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