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Different Website for Secondary Brand – Yay or Nay?

Recently a client approached me with a project of merging his secondary brand’s website with the primary one. This seemed logical to him since his primary brand already had an established web presence and decent footfalls and redirecting visitors to another site of the secondary brand will only result in low visitor index.
Seems right, but what next?


So Does Your Brand Actually Need a Different Website?

I would say – it depends! Before we jump on to this debate, let’s first touch upon the critical factors that come with having a separate website. The listed points are to be considered before making the vital decision.


Time & Resources

Having two or more separate good website layout means additional cost, additional time and resources to maintain them. Instead of focusing on one website, you would need to incur extra expenditure on hosting, design, development, optimization, and security software.

Apart from that, you’d need to have a separate marketing plan for both websites. Each website would require unique content to publish irrespective of how related both the brands and audiences are. Blogging and updating news several times a week is a recommended practice to drive traffic to your website and gain credibility. If yours is a fairly large organization with multiple resources to handle this, you can manage that. But if yours is a small business, it would be immensely beneficial for you to keep all the information in one place.


Duplicate Content Kills Website Health

This is another point to bother while deciding if your secondary brand needs a different website. If the nature of content and audiences for both your brands is relatively similar, having a separate website would eventually kill the rankings of both websites on search engines as duplicate content affects Domain Authority (DA).

This is more confusing for the visitors too as they don’t know where to look for the product, content, or service they want. If your content is going to be majorly similar, a separate website for your secondary brand may not be the best decision for you.


When You Should Get a New Website for Your Secondary Business?


If you are Aiming for Geo-Specificity

If your businesses are in two different locations entirely, having a different website for your secondary brand is recommended. It makes sense to have two different websites so that you can focus on targeting the customers based in the separate locations only.

Not having a different website would mean you are targeting the audience from such area where they are physically unavailable to come and avail your service. People, in this scenario, would assume you to be a poor sales player.


If Your Secondary Brand Has a Different Segment of Audience

If your primary and secondary brand has a different set of audience and voice, having a separate website for your secondary brand would help you focus on each one’s market more effectively. With dedicated sites, audiences, and segments, the risk of duplicate content gets eliminated and the risk of inviting the wrong people to your website.


Closing Thoughts

While every business’s main goal is to have a website that stands out from the rest, caters to its specific set of intended audience, defines a clear purpose, and addresses information and topics your visitors are searching for. Having a different website for your secondary brand sounds like a great plan if your audience reach is different, geographical location is different, and products or services are either different or cater to a specific set of an audience other than the primary brand.


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