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20 March, 2018

Drupal 8.3 features

Features Of Drupal 8.3 Which Have Made The Drupal More Robust Platform.

Below are some new updates added to Drupal 8.3

Big Pipeline module now moved to stable status from beta, with this one can speed up the rendering of their site without any additional configuration.

Migrate module now updated to beta from alpha, which means that there is no extra backward compatibility breaking API changes expected.

Added Experimental module-

Workflow module- provides a workflow configuration entity type, which other modules can use.

Layout discovery module- provides an API for modules or themes to register layouts.

Field Layout module- provides the ability for site builders to rearrange fields on content types, block types, etc. into new regions, for both the form and display, on the same forms provided by the normal field user interface.

REST Improvements-

* It now supports user registration.
* By utilizing the internal page cache, anonymous REST API performance increased by 60%
* Now 403 responses, return reason why access was denied.
* Serialized values for integers and booleans are now returned as thecorrect data type, rather than incorrectly typed as strings.

Developer APIs Improvements-

* EntityPublishedTrait and EntityPublishedInterface added and used by node and comment entity types.
* Collection label added to entity type. eg- workflows

Authoring features Improvements-

* Now, one can drag and drop images into image fields in Quick Edit mode.
* Image fields are now limited to only accepting images so that users on mobile clients are offered unconfusing and non-functional video upload option.
* CKEditor now utilizes the AutoGrow plugin to better take advantage of larger screen sizes.

Performance Improved-

* By adding a swappable backend statistics performance improves.
* As APCu memory filled too quickly, so to prevent this ViewsData and Token info cache now use the default cache bin.

So by now, I have shared enough details of the latest update of Drupal and I am sure it can benefit you with the dream website for your business. To know more and to get the website on this best CMS platform contact Auxesis Infotech right now.

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