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20 March, 2018

DrupalGap- Basic overview

What Is DrupalGap?

It is an open source application development kit for Drupal websites. It can be easily used to build custom mobile apps, and web apps for Drupal websites. know more

Mobile Apps V/S Web Apps

Mobile apps are downloaded by the user (from the Google Play or App Store) and installed directly on the mobile device. Once installed, one can launch the app from a shortcut on their phone. On the other hand, web apps are similar to a mobile website which is designed to work in modern browsers on any device (tablets, mobile phones,  desktops, laptops). This means a user can simply visit a URL in the browser (on any of the devices, any size), and the app will run for them.

Mobile Application Development Kit-

Drupal Gap developers build mobile apps which communicate with their Drupal websites. know more

Web Application Development Kit-

DrupalGap application development kit allows creating web apps which is ideal for a headless Drupal

Drupal Module-

DrupalGap module is a connection between application(s) and its Drupal websites via web services. Apps can communicate to their Drupal website only if this module is enabled. For more information read Drupal Gap Module Documentation

Some advantages of using DrupalGap for creating apps-

*It creates light-weight mobile apps

*It provides full administrative control

*It uses templates and styles for dynamic designs

*It forms agile and smooth mobile apps

*The platform is quite flexible for creating various mobile applications

*Continual optimization

Supported platform-The mobile apps created using DrupalGap are simpatico with the following platforms.

*iOS(, )

*Android(phones, tablets)



It acquires Drupal developers concepts like pages, views, menus, messages, blocks, themes, modules, forms, entities, fields and many other Drupal tools.

DrupalGap is a robust platform for mobile apps as it is one of the best solutions to content management. The demand mobile application development with DrupalGap will definitely increase in the coming years. At Auxesis Infotech, we have outstanding Native and mobile apps development team; you can always feel free to contact us to know more about DrupalGap app development.

what is DrupalGap, advantages of using DrupalGap
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