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20 March, 2018

Interesting facts about Technology


Here I Come Up With Some Mind Boggling Tech Facts You Would Find Really Interesting To Read. There I Go...

1) IBM announced world's first 1 GB hard drive in 1980. The price was of $40,000!

2) Samsung created first ever fighter jet KF-16 of South Korea.

3) Formerly the Android Operating System wasn't created for the smartphone market; it was actually designed as a digital camera platform.

4) The original URL of Yahoo was

5) In the mid of 1936 Russians made a computer that ran on water.

6) This one is really very astonishing to know that there is a factory in Japan which can run unsupervised for 1month at a time. Robots build other robots at the rate of 50 per 24-hour shift. These factories are called as “lights out” factories because no human appearance is needed. FANUC, the Japanese robotics company, has been operating this autonomous factory since 2001.

7) Industry Giants like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Twitter, are all powered by Linux. It is true that Linux is not so common Operating System among the usual customers. But, Linux heads the Industry.

8) At 3:15 pm the day Michael Jackson died Twitter, Wikipedia, and AOL IM all crashed.

9) Google had a blackout in 2013 that beat down all of its services for 5 minutes causing a 40% drop in internet traffic across the world.

10) 500 copies of Windows XP are still being used. It was officially released back in 2001 and support for XP ended in 2014.

11) If someone finds a security bug in Facebook’s code than Facebook is willing to pay big bucks (like $500 or more) to you to tell them about it.

12) was earlier known as

13) PayPal, with its original business model, was voted top ten worst business ideas in 1999. As of 2016, they are of the US $10.84 billion business.

14) Google+ cost $585 million to build, with 500 employees working on it.

I hope you had a great reading ride and also find these informative and interesting facts an add on to your knowledge bank. Thanks for the read!

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