Why migrate from other Open Source Technologies to Drupal?  

21 Mar, 2018 blog
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If You Are In Dilemma, Whether You Migrate From Other Open Source Technologies To Drupal Or Not?

Then you came at the right place here we will try to give you some reasons why should you migrate from other open source technologies to Drupal. Before we proceed, I just want to highlight a point that "migration or choosing CMS is totally depended on your needs and requirements", so we will figure out these things accordingly.

As we all know that WordPress is King when it comes to basic blogs and content exchange. So undoubtedly stay with WordPress, when you are only limited to Blogs. WordPress is best for you in this case and you don't have much need to migrate it to other CMS.

Coming to Drupal, Drupal is Content Management Framework(CMF) which means it is not only a CMS but also a framework that provides more technical flexibility. So when your requirements are increasing day by day and it is getting complex for your present CMS to handle the increasing load then this is the answer to your question that Why migrate from other Open Source Technologies to Drupal?

When you don't know what kind of site you want or what will be your need in future then also you should always go for Drupal, because Drupal provides a back-end framework for at least 2.2% of all Web sites worldwide– ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites. Systems also use Drupal for knowledge management and for business collaboration. This means from simple blog site to any complex or heavy site Drupal can be best for any case.

Coming to Joomla, Before I will say something do have a look at this link- Why do people switch from Joomla to Drupal Hope you have spent some time on reading this content which is related to Why migrate from other Open Source Technologies to Drupal? The reason for preferring Drupal over Joomla is because of its better developer API, more community support and it's security.

Drupal is considered as most secured CMS, It also has a security team which regularly identifies, reports and solves security issues. They are very much serious about security.

So this is also one of the main reason, Why migrate from other Open Source Technologies to Drupal?

Conclusion- Above we have tried to come up with reasons that Why migrate from other Open Source Technologies to Drupal? If you just want a normal website for blogs or any other normal feature website then WordPress is the one. But when it comes to Drupal, you can build anything with no limits, Sky is the limit when you are using Drupal. With Drupal, one can build anything as it is flexible build for adding modules.


If you are still not sure, then have a chat with Auxesis Infotech, we will analyze your needs and requirements and will suggest best according to that.

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