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6 March, 2019

How does an open-source CMS feed your website?

Content Management System is a mushrooming element for developing not only websites but e-commerce websites as well. The heavyweight lying on the strengthening of website development through an open-source CMS enables both technical as well as non-technical users to develop their websites. There are some of the most essential factors that one needs to consider before choosing the right CMS and that are, plug-ins and themes assistance, user interface and customizability of the same.

The Open Source CMS Weapons

There are innumerable CMS weapons resting on the part of the users to choose from. And the same has been described with their conventional efficiencies.


Drupal as an open- source Content Management System allows many boons to a website pertaining to the modules it delivers, its security factors, and versatility. It is one of the most complicated and critical handled CMS which needs immense technical knowledge and skill to operate the same without any glitch.


Wordpress is one of the most widely used open-source CMS that is easier than any other CMS that we have mentioned or have been used. Wordpress has an exceeded score with 2176 themes and 28593 plugins available for the users. Last but not least, the user interface of WordPress stays easy than any other CMS used.


Joomla stands as another pillar of open-source CMS which allows its users to adventure through extraordinary features, user interface, and security concerns. Joomla is suitable for the operation of social networking sites as well as e-commerce websites.


Magento as another weapon of CMS entails e-commerce business development through its effective functionalities and security glimpse.


Shopify is one of the most prioritized e-commerce site builders which has a lucid content management system skill for its users.


Ghost is that open-sourced medium that supports Markdown syntax for comprehensive content management without a cliche.

Why Fetch an Open-Source CMS?

A CMS is an enabler of a website or e-commerce business forming ties. If as a website owner you have planned to outsource the web design and development services, then you can come across the engagement of interfering and changing the codes with easy access to the same. Apart from the same, an open-source CMS is not at all complex as compared to others and does not stress your budget of running a website or e-commerce business in any way. Last but not least, the security system of the open source CMS remains so strong, that the functionality is safely operated by the expert set of developers delved into the same. There are many advantages that add to the justification of an open-source CMS and it begins with imposing no budget constraints on its users with an ideal customization technique and also the flexibility of integrating the modules and plugins according to requirements.

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open Source CMS weapons, why fetch an open-Source CMS?
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