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5 February, 2019

5 Reasons Pageless Web Design will be a Trendsetter in 2019

Pageless Design – The Future of Web Designing

Back those days when HTML websites were a new-age thing, they used to amaze people and drive traffic for the businesses. The chronic HTML- designed websites consisted of several pages carrying loads of information and further subdivided into more pages. The whole anatomy was arranged in a way to break the information into smaller bits making it easy to understand and easy to access from the homepage.

While the technology evolved, desktop browsing gave way to Google mobile first indexing browsing but that came with its own challenges. Smaller screen sizes didn’t favor multiple-pages site to view comfortably.

That called for a complete makeover of the traditional web design with many pages – the result was pageless web design.

What is a Pageless Web Design?

Pageless web design is a new-age step towards remodeling the traditional web design scattered through several pages and furnishing all the required information on a single-page layout. Such design, called pageless design, adds a more comfortable, attractive, and contemporary touch to a user’s browsing experience, making it an enjoyable one.

Why Pageless Design will be the Future of Web Design in 2019?

1.  Pageless Design Looks Amazing on all Mobile Devices

Pageless websites are extremely popular for their being responsive and aligning effortlessly on all native devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets, and more. The interactive features, scrolling, navigation, and others of pageless web design look seamless, uniform, and effective when it comes to viewing on different platforms. Such websites create far better user experiences when compared to their conventional counterparts.

2.  Pageless Design Looks More Organized

Most conventional websites are loaded with plenty of distracting and scattered elements throughout the websites as huge texts, slider images, links, and icons. All this goes on to create a messy look for the website.

While on the contrary, a pageless website has a structured narrative, laid out on a single page. Not just that appears more arranged and neat but also leads to better control of content when it comes to displaying the hierarchy of information to the user.

3.  Pageless Websites are Cost-Effective

You’ll be amazed to know that a single page or pageless website cost merely 30% of what it takes to build a website with many pages. The cost-effective proposition has made pageless websites increasingly popular with businesses and agencies alike. They are easy on designing part too as there is no complexity involved in designing multiple pages.

4.  Pageless Websites Have Low Bounce Rates

We all know that pageless websites have much lower bounce rates compared to conventional ones but not many know the reason behind. It’s because pageless websites have all the information scattered organized on a single page which becomes easier for users to find the desired information quickly and easily. That leads to new business leads generation, easily showcasing products and services, and lower bounce rates.

5.  Pageless Websites Tell Captivating Stories

The primary objective of building websites is always to present a story in front of the users in a more coherent and hierarchical manner. While with conventional websites, it was always difficult to achieve as the pages were scattered, this has become easier with pageless websites. Single page websites present a brand’s story in an organized manner by thus impressing the users.

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Apart from the above-listed benefits of pageless websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is another major driving factor behind businesses opting for pageless websites increasingly. Pageless websites add momentously towards increasing the SEO rankings, social sharing and thus leading to conversions. And what better, Google favors them too! Made up your mind of giving your redundant website a much-needed makeover? Opt for pageless website design services from design experts at Auxesis Infotech and start reaping the innumerable benefits. Reach us here.

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