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23 October, 2018

4 Reasons, Why Online Customers leave your website?

Do you ever wonder why people leave your website so frequently? I guess most of you do. You probably think it’s because the page is “not good enough.” But, this reason is an oversimplification of an answer that deals with lots of factors.
This is not something new we have heard, it is a problem with most of the websites. No doubt,  SEO of your company is making all efforts to drive traffic to your website, and visitors also start showing interest in your services by viewing a few pages and staying on your website for a minute or two. But after two minutes they “bounce” from your website. Why is that? If your landing page isn’t converting as expected, you can’t just blame it on a poor copy. There are other factors that could be at play.
Below are listed the relevant factors that play a key role in website ineffectiveness. Find out the one which is responsible for your website?

1.    Slow loading website-

A slow-loading site irritates the customer most and because of this they just hop onto another website that contains the same information as yours but loads much faster. The longer your website takes to load fully, the more visitors you’ll lose, even before they see your content.

2.    Unattractive web design-

Web design serves a website in the way roots serve a plant. Like a plant completely stands on strong roots, your website relies on good web design for its growth and functionality. It takes visitors to the pages where they wish to go, enhance the overall success of your website through increased sales, visibility and growth.

3.    Visitors don’t know what to do-

We’re spending more time online on our mobile devices. It only makes sense to design your website to appease your mobile user. There are still some sites that reinforce the same layout used on the desktop to the mobile view. As a result, mobile users have a difficult time browsing the websites, because they have to swipe left and right to view different parts of a page.

4.    Unoptimized Content -

It’s cool for your company if your writer can churn out posts worth thousands of word. However, the post will only become valuable after your readers will read it word for word. In this digital world, attracting people through social media is the most commonly used weapon. If the content on your website can’t grab and sustain public attention, then the day is not far when our site will see a high bounce rate.

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Everything that is mentioned above can be accomplished in just one day. Simply said- if you want to attract your customers for a long time, you need to really pay attention to your website. Want the best website for your business? Contact- Auxesis Infotech


Why online customers leave your website, relevant factors that play key role in website ineffectiveness
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