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Why is SEO Friendly Web Design Important?

Merely creating a professional looking website isn't going to guarantee you web footfalls, customers, or sales conversions. Now that you've hired possibly the best web design company to create a terrific website for you, it's important to have it optimized for search engine too.

Tips for an SEO friendly web design are available dime a dozen over the web but it's important you choose the ones that work best for your business, market segment, and the targeted audience. Having a low-ranking website is probably the last thing you'd ever want to see.

Search engine optimization or SEO is important for a business, rather critical for the success of any business, as it improves a website's online visibility when users search for relevant keywords on search engines. Thoughtfully implemented SEO practices can improve your business's search rankings over the web and drive more traffic to your website.

SEO is not all about having blogs, ads, copies, and posts over the web that include certain keywords but it's about the design as well. Yes, you can implement search engine optimization techniques into the design of the website to make it more relevant for search engines.  
Here are a few simple tips and tricks for an SEO friendly web design:

5 Tips and Tricks for an SEO Friendly Web Design

1. Weave Social Media into Your Website's Design

It is the era of social media and search engines value the importance of social media in connecting businesses with customers. Social media design elements, when intertwined into your web design, help a website to rank better at search engines.
When designing the website yourself or getting it outsourced to a web design company, make sure that you have incorporated links to social media handles of your business like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

This will not only improve the visibility of your website on search engines but will also instill a sense of trust and credibility in the customer's mind for your business.

2. Optimize the Images Too

Many people forget this one simple trick for an SEO friendly web design - optimizing the images. They go about only adding keywords in the content and overlook the images. However, the truth is that you can optimize the images on your website too to get favorable search engine rankings.

Make sure the images you pick aren't too big and heavy as that delays a website's loading time. They should be just about less than 100kb with a resolution of 72dpi. Also, include a keyword in the alt section of the images to improve the search engine ranking.

Another tip for an SEO friendly web design is to pick and publish only relevant images to the context of the business.

3. Scatter Your Keyword in Different Places

Breaking the common nation that keywords are only meant to be placed in the copy; we advocate placing them in a lot of other areas over your website to get better search engine rankings. This is a golden tip for an SEO friendly web design that no one will tell you about. Make a note of it:

  • Title tag
  • H1 tags
  • Website slogans
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • Navigation menu
  • H2 tags
  • H3 tags
  • Title attribute on links
  • Breadcrumb trails
  • Footer links
  • URL's
  • File names, internal links, and folder names

Thank us later!

4. Create SEO-friendly URL

Another basic yet useful tip for a SEO-friendly web design is to have an SEO friendly URL for all of your web pages. Your website's URL can act as a potential keyword when searched for the relevant business online.

A complex URL is
Whereas a simple and optimized URL example is

Also, try to limit the number of categories in the link. The longer a URL is, the lesser are its chances to rank favorably at searches.

Wrong URL
While separating words in the URL, always use hyphens instead of underscores.

5. Don't Go Overboard With Flash Elements

Using too much of flash elements on your website isn't going to do any good to your business as flash elements are usually insignificant as far as search engine rankings are concerned. It doesn't add any value to your website's SEO rather it delays the loading time. This is one insider tip for an SEO friendly web design that you won't find anywhere else.

Also, websites with flash elements take a little longer to load which is off-putting for customers. If yours is a non-responsive website, not mobile-friendly, chances are your customers won't be too pleased with your web site's layout on mobile as the websites with flash don't load well on mobile devices.

This is a no-brainer that adding these simple tips and tricks for an SEO friendly web design embedded into your website will turn the tables for your business. An SEO friendly website is what all it takes to improve your business's visibility on search engines and reap the long-term benefits.

Fancy an SEO-friendly web design for your business? Trust the design experts at Auxesis Infotech having cumulative, commendable experience of a decade to deliver just what your business needs to stay put in a competitive environment. Get your free quote here.

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