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Interesting Facts About Top 4 CMS
6 November, 2019

Top CMS - Facts and Features

Please Note: the list does not include WordPress as there are already plenty of blogs on facts and features of WordPress on the internet. 

What is Content Management System? This must be the first question for all those who have zero knowledge about web design and development industry

CMS is a software application that is used to create, manage, and modify content on a website without any specialized technical knowledge. In a layman language, a content management system is a tool that helps one to build a website without any coding procedure. 

Wordpress is one of the most famous self-hosted content management systems. Apart from that, the other popular CMS platforms are:



Joomla is an open-source CMS platform which was released in the year 2005. It connects your site to MySQL, MySQLi, and PostgreSQL database to make content management and delivery easy. The prime focus of Joomla always remains on extensibility and usability. Let’s have a look at some amazing facts and figures of Joomla:

  • Joomla is 2nd most widely used CMS in the world.
  • Joomla holds a global CMS market share of 5.7%
  • Amongst the 1,00,000 most-visited websites, a major chunk uses Joomla.
  • It is downloaded by over 97 million users. 
  • It powers 3.1% of the World Wide Web. 
  • More than 9% of business websites out there are built on Joomla.
  • From 2014, Joomla has been awarding the CMS Critic People’s Choice Award for Best Free CMS
  • It has more than 70 transition packs for the core.
  • There are around 8,000 extensions in Joomla.
  • Joomla is the best CMS for creating social networks.
  • It has an active community of around 70,000 members. 



Founded in the year 2000, Drupal is one of those free and easy to use CMS platforms where one can build his/her own website without even having technical skills. Along with a content management platform, it also has a development framework. Following are the facts and figures that might convince you to choose Drupal to build your website:

  • There are more than 1 million Drupal websites out in the market.
  • There are more than 42000 free Drupal modules available for download.
  • Drupal works in 100 languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French being the top of them. 
  • Drupal has a community of more than 1 million members. 
  • 97% of users are satisfied and happy to be with Drupal. 
  • The most installed Drupal module is Chaos with more than 11,000,000 downloads. 
  • From 2009 to 2017, the White House Website used Drupal. 
  • Drupal is older than WordPress. 
  • Drupal together with Word Press covers more than 60% of the CMS market.
  • The meaning of Drupal derives from a Dutch word ‘Druppel’ which means ‘drop’. 



An open-source built-in PHP, Magento was founded in the year 2008. This CMS platform helps a programmer to create e-commerce websites without any hassle. Though it comes as free software, one has to pay to unlock the premium features. However, the ones that are free are enough to build a small e-commerce website. Let’s now have a look at some of its amazing facts, figures, and features.

  • It was first introduced as Bento but due to the copyright issue, the name was later changed to Magento.
  • Since its inception, Magento has acquired three companies; initially, it was under Varien. In 2011, it got went under the ownership of eBay. In 2018, it was acquired by Adobe. 
  • Magento occupies a total of 1.9% of CMS market share. 
  • It ranks second on the list of most popular e-commerce software. 
  • The United States solely holds a total of 11% of Magento websites.
  • It has more than 5000 extensions.
  • In 2013, Magento has 31.4% of the total e-commerce market share.
  • After Shopify, Magento supports the maximum number of payment gateways, which is 70. 
  • In 2016, Magento had a total 14% market share which a huge number for e-commerce software. 
  • When it comes to SEO, Magento is the best with a 100/100 score. 



Shopify is yet another e-commerce platform that you can use to build your own store. Founded in the year 2004, Shopify is a SaaS shopping cart solution. Being easy to use, low startup costs, amazing themes, and lots of support options allow you to make an impressive e-commerce website on Shopify. Here are some facts and features of Shopify. 

  • In the last 12 months, more than 200 million orders have been placed through Shopify. 
  • The average Shopify visit lasts for 3 minutes 19 seconds. 
  • 93.15% of the overall traffic on Shopify is organic.  
  • Shopify is counted amongst the top three leading e-commerce solutions and innovations. 
  • It offers multiple analytics tools.
  • It is available in 175 countries. 
  • The revenue of Shopify crosses 1 billion in the year 2018.
  • More than 5300 businesses are on Shopify.
  • It has its own app store and 87% of Shopify merchants use its apps.
  • Shopify also has Instagram shopping options that are expanded to 44 countries. 


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Choosing The Right CMS- A Modern Business Requirement

Each of the above CMS has its own perks and drawbacks. Hence, you need expert knowledge to decide which one will be the best suitable CMS platform for your business. And Auxesis Infotech not just helps you decide that but also take in charge of your website creation.

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