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UI and UX Trends of 2020 that You Can’t-Miss

UI and UX Trends of 2020 that You Can’t-Miss

Seems like, with a blink of an eye, another year comes to its end! While writing this piece, it just two months and the year 2019 will become a part of history. In the world of Web Designing and Development, a new year is subjected to new trends that can affect the business in a positive way. So, instead of holding on to 2019, let’s explore the future UI and UX trends of 2020 that a company should look to target in order to enhance their business. 

UX Trends of 2020

  • UX Audit Becoming a Trend

We all know what an independent financial audit does - it ensures that the financial statement of a company compiles with its accounting principles. Similarly, an independent UX audit helps the management of the company examine and assesses whether or not the performance of their digital content is as per the industry standards. Also, it helps the management ensuring whether the performance is in line with the latest technologies and trends. For a company, especially the ones who reliant on online sales, the annual UX audit help to discover the flaws in the website/software/app. 

  • Designing for Speed

As of now, a number of countries, namely Australia, Finland, South Korea, and the US, have started to give 5G services to their people. Several other countries are also looking to roll out the 5G services by 2020. As a result of that, data transfer speed and latency time will improve significantly. Not just this, the talks are in the air that all the iPhone phones releasing from 2020 will come with 5G compatibility. This means that slowness in website/page or any function will not be acceptable by users. A slow digital application or a slow website will be counted amongst websites with bad UX design. 

  • Product Owner Everywhere

It is expected that from 2020, the term product owner will have its different meanings and will be used widely across the digital industry. It is becoming a trend to have multiple product owners in companies and organizations with a digital presence. Companies now have distinct mobile app product owners, SEO product owners, and backend product owners. 

A product owner is someone who is in charge of digital products and his work includes - overseeing the development stages, managing user requirements, increasing value for end-users, and continuous testing and to do necessary improvements. 

  • No More Loaders

With the advent of 5G, loaders will become an irrelevant and unnecessary thing on the web page. Earlier it was a good UX practice to add a loader icon on the website screen if the page is taking too much time to load. It prevents users to navigate to other websites in the meantime. But with 5G, users will expect faster-loading speed with no loader. 


UI Trends for 2020

  • Motion Effects and Motion Graphics

With the advent of 5G, the approach towards web designing will completely change. In the near future, a website with contents and static images will be there but it may be touted as dull and boring. 5G on a high-definition display will allow designers to be creative in all sense. They can be creative in designing graphics, texts, fonts, and various other elements. 

  • Custom-Made Graphics

Pictures are a good way to tell everyone about what you do. It is a convincing way to add value to your business. And if you don’t have the photos, it’s not important to buy high-quality stock photos with faces that you do not recognize. Instead of that, you can choose to design your own graphic for your website. 

  • Less Contrasting Gradient

You must have seen a number of sites that adopt the use of gradient colours. Well, because that’s the current trend! But in 2020, it is expected that the companies will adopt the less-contrasting gradient approach on their website. A number of popular websites like PayPal have built their website on a less-gradient approach. 

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