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3 February, 2019

4 Popular Web Design Myths Busted to Have a Beautiful Website

Web Design Myths Debunked

There are myths everywhere, be it the online world or the virtual world. These are an inseparable part of our lives and the world. Since our online world is no exception, there are plenty of web design myths associated with the design of a website. There are no double minds about the fact that the design of your website acts like the face of your business and a clear perception regarding this is a must.

Website design and development must not just be visually appealing but also easy going for the customers’ eyes and minds.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of web design myths busted in order to have a beautiful website for your business that not just attracts but also retains customers.


4 Popular Web Design Myths Busted


1.  White Space Means Space Wasted


A popular web design myth is that white space is wasted space. Now contrary to the statement, white space is the negative space that is immensely important for web design and is sadly often overlooked and neglected. White space is the space between graphics, columns, margins, texts, images, etc.

Talking in general, it is that portion of the page that’s left empty to make it look more elegant and to smoothen things out.

Other benefits of white space include:

  • White space attracts beautifully
  • It accentuates readability while providing the resting space
  • Provides necessary emphasis and a sense of direction by taking the eyes there
  • White space creates perfect balance and harmony
  • Gives a polished look to your web design and upscales your brand


2.  Minimalism Leads to Simplicity


Another popular and common web design myth confuses minimalism (reduction in elements) with simplicity (reduction in complexity). However, a mix of both is considered instrumental for compelling web design but not the best choice for every design.

If you have a business website that has multiple elements you want to draw your visitors’ attention on, the minimalist design won’t work well for you.

If you’re thinking of opting for a minimalist design for your website, consider the following points:

  • Are you sure there are no key elements left in the pursuit of going for minimalist web design? If yes, doing so isn’t recommended.
  • Does your webpage have all the required and relevant information?


3.  A Website Homepage is the Most Critical Website Element


Yet another popular belief, a web design myth is that a website homepage is the most critical element of a website. For a long time, I believed that a website homepage is the single most potent page of the entire website. But this myth is untrue.

With more focus on email marketing and landing pages, users typically land on the direct product page, offers page, and more. Nowadays, users don’t ignore the homepage altogether but the consistency throughout the website is more important.


4.  Mobile Users are Always Distracted


There is a web design myth regarding mobile users that they are having a shorter attention span or suffering from MUADD (Mobile User Attention Deficit Disorder). The central logic behind this web design myth is to streamline the web design keeping in mind the targeted mobile audience that is perpetually distracted.

Distractions faced by mobile users include driving, sitting in front of the TV, operating computers by side, and more. Here’s what to do as a web designer to design for the mobile audience:

  • Don’t strip down your website of critical elements thinking of making it suitable for a mobile audience
  • Optimize your mobile web design keeping the intended audience in mind


Wrapping Up!

Besides these above 4 web design myths, there are still plenty of them that many web designers cling to when it comes to creating web designs.

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