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20 March, 2018

Top eye-catching Web Development Trends of 2017


Web Development Is Evolving Constantly, Due To Which We Can See New Trends Coming.

Well, the Internet has something new every now and then which simultaneously boost website development. Here, we will discuss the top web development trends that catch the eyes of users and influence the market in 2017.


Attractive Web design

Design is the key to success for any website. The first thing any visitor will notice on your site is design only. One of the greatest design trend these days is to keep it simple. In the present age, people started giving importance to many factors when they are designing a website like it should be interactive, easy to use and should be easy to understand. It's necessary to improve the traffic on your site.


Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Experts expected 2017 as a year of artificial intelligence, and it stands up to their expectation. In 2016, there had been various improvements being made in the field of AI, and 2017 adopts all those improvements. The technology Hercules like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and IBM developed strong artificial technology to be used by the users. Artificial intelligence is being used to improve banking, marketing, the legal field — and now to find which one, of more than more than 30,000 strains of medical marijuana is best for you.

Potbot uses AI to "read" through peer-reviewed medical journals to find studies on cannabinoids, the active compounds in marijuana. Using the research, it pairs 37 symptoms like insomnia, asthma, and cancer with branded marijuana strains to find which type of weed is best suited to treat each one. source- CNBC


Static site generators

Static site generators are becoming more and more popular recently, It converts simple, plain text into a static website. This is one of the simplest ways to create websites. Static websites are winning reputation especially among bloggers and websites offering online content. The cost of building static site is very much less and provides performance, better speed, and security. For Bloggers, it is a simple and enjoyable way to build their blogs without any need of a database. Furthermore, in static sites, web pages are not complex files and can be run on our own servers. This made static site generators very successful among users.


GIFs and Creative videos

Videos are creating a meaningful impact in terms of generating higher user engagement, which is why it is one of the most eye-catchy trends. The human brain tends to retain more with visual information and creative videos do exactly that. A video captures user's attention more than a still image.

The Graphical Interchange Format (GIFs), enables the creators to tell a story in a far more powerful way than could be with a still picture.


Virtual reality(VR)

The gaming enterprises are using this trend extensively in web development process. The visual displays used in VR allows users to engage in the virtual world and make believe it as a real environment.

Mozilla and Google are already made many efforts on APIs with which VR will transition to the web. In the coming time, we will definitely see more and more VR in many applications.

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These have been some remarkable trends of 2017 in web development and they surely going to be consistently growing in coming years being the world's tech savvy aspirations.

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