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11 December, 2018

Best Website Checklist – Things to do before Website Launch


Website Checklist to Follow for a Successful Launch

Most of us prepare a checklist for tedious and challenging tasks to help us navigate through the experience in a better and organized manner. Similarly, a website launch is a critical process and requires a thorough website checklist to follow before the website launch.

To help you avoid the SEO mistakes people usually commit, we’ve curated a detailed website checklist to follow before website launch after learning over the years.


Let me take you through the comprehensive website launch checklist and touching upon all critical areas in detail to make sure you don’t miss a single thing.


1.  Review Content

While for some, the content review is the last thing on a website checklist but I believe it should be the first one as it’s one of the first experiences a customer gets of your business. Take a fair time to read through the whole website content that focuses on the projects, products, services, company profile, and call to action.
Make sure the content is descriptive, easy to understand, not too complex and long, and is free of grammar and spelling errors. The content must be keyword-focused to make it relevant for the search engines.


2.  Preview in Browsers

The way consumers access internet varies according to the devices used. While some may be accessing your website on a recently purchased, newest technology smartphone, the other might be using a dated computer system for that. Checking your websites on all possible browsers is an important aspect of the website checklist. Test open on browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on mobile phones and desktops to make sure that the website preview is consistent.


3.  Check Functionality

While there is a separate website development checklist required checking the functionality of a website before its launch, but we recommend do a general check of the really critical parameters. Regardless of the nature, size, and sophistication of the digital marketing trends and elements of the website; check that the forms are collecting data properly and sending to the right end. All interactive buttons and changes are working as planned.


4.  Check SEO

The best website checklist always recommends keeping an SEO strategist in the design and development team to embed SEO in the design itself. Engaging in even the most basic SEO tactics can make a world of difference to your website ranking at the search engines. Make sure that every page of your website has a unique page title and has relevant keywords in it. There is a meta description for every page (approx 160 characters) and the content for every webpage has around 5-10 keywords for SEO purposes.


5.  Incorporate Tracking & Analytics

No website checklist would be complete without incorporating Google tracking and analytics into it. Opt for a tag management system or manually develop codes, make sure that tracking and other analytics codes are in place and functioning properly to ascertain the impact of digital marketing of the website. Check the website performance on macro levels as page views and session length and micro level as form submissions and click paths.


6.  Check Final Speed

While the design and development intricacies are always at the top in the mind of a web developer and designer, website speed is what matters most to the viewers accessing it in real time. Website speed can go on deciding how favorably Google decides to rank the website and how comfortable consumers are accessing it online. Remove or compress everything that may be slowing down your website experience.


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While launching a website is an exciting task but it comes with its own set of tasks. I hope the above items off a website checklist must have inspired you. If the task of a website launch gives you jitters, I recommend turning to a certified and professional web design and development company for your website launch. Contact Auxesis Infotech to start a new project today!

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