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What We Need From You Before We Can Design Your Website

Why Do You Need a Website?

Well, it doesn’t need a second thought that a website is as important for your business as a product is to a salesman. A website is that medium to connect with your customers, showcase your products and services, narrate your brand’s story and keep your customers glued to your business.

While your website can be your round-the-clock salesperson that keeps promoting your products and services to its visitors; a successful website is the one that has a fresh, modern, unique, and appealing design that caters to the favorable user experience.

But in this utterly competitive era of changing technology trends and consumer behavior patterns, how do you make sure that the website you get made is of the optimum quality and ticks all the right boxes? The best way is to get your web design from a competent web design company, Auxesis Infotech.


Web Development and Designing Agency – What Do We Do?


The web design experts at Auxesis Infotech are pioneers in designing amazing websites that slay the competitor’s website and go on guaranteeing business success. The design experts are adept at creating websites that provide ultimate user experience and are a perfect match for any industry type, be it business, FMCG, pet care, or e-commerce.

We patiently listen to our client’s needs, study their target audience, and analyze the necessary features a website of a given niche would require. By virtue of being in the business of website designing for long, we not just meet but exceed our customer’s expectations as well as those of the website visitors.

We beam with immense proud in the fact that our client base is extensively based across the globe and boasts of a happy client’s club for over a decade. We are curious to design a compelling website for your business that not just delights your customer’s experience but also puts you a notch above your competition.


What We Need Before We Start Designing Your Website


Auxesis Infotech works like your web design partners towards creating a beautiful and functional website for your business. Unfortunately, we can’t source everything on our own and need to have certain information and resources from you before starting with your web design project. Some of the information is pretty direct and the rest is subjective.

When you choose Auxesis Infotech to be your design partner, here are a few points we would need information on:

  • Your domain registrar login credentials
  • DNS host login credentials
  • Login information for the current website (in case you have one)
  • Login credentials of current CMS (in case you have one)


Branding Assets


Depending on what domain or niche your business is in, we would require you to share your branding style guide or preferences with us. Your branding style guide or guidelines must include the following:

  • Details about your brand voice
  • Colors, shapes, and fonts to reach out to clients or prospects
  • The brand tagline used everywhere
  • Your brand’s logo in all variations and file formats
  • Brand media as photos, graphics, videos, and more
  • Any reference material to let us understand your business, target audience, and competition better


Website Goals


When the web design goals are identified at the start of the project, it makes the entire process easier and smoother. You can identify and choose the specific website goal from the following:

  • Generate Business Leads – If the primary goal of your website is to generate business leads, there has to be a contact form on your website.
  • Educate Visitors – If your website’s primary goal is to educate visitors, you’d want an information-only web design structure. Such websites go on to become an authority website in the long run.
  • Validate Reputation – If your goods or services are popular for being high quality, the goal of your website may be to validate the reputation. That would encourage the visitors to try your products and will keep the existing customers to stick to your business.
  • Increase Conversions – This is one of the most common website goals all businesses have; to increase conversions and our design professionals are experts in creating a persuasive web design that goes on to increase sales.
  • Fund Raising or Charitable Causes – We are proud to be associated with designing websites for noble causes like charity, fundraising, and awareness of a social issue.


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If the above information excites you and you’re ready to get started with your website design project from us, reach out to our team at Auxesis Infotech and we will contact you at your convenient time.

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