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6 Easy Steps To Create An Effective Website Redesign Strategy
2 September, 2020

A Guide to Build and Implement a Perfect Website Redesign Project Plan

There are millions of websites on the internet and in order to stand out and loud amongst all, it is important to keep your website’s design trendy and flawless at the same time. Just to let you know, the average lifespan of a website is 2.6 years. Once this lifespan is over, you don’t need to build a new website for your business. In fact, that can never be a case as long as there is the option of redesigning the website. 

Now that you know what to do once the lifespan of your business website gets over, it is important to be ready with an effective website redesign project plan. And to help you with that, we’ll discuss some essential steps that will definitely help you build and implement a perfect website redesign project plan. 

STEP 1 - Analyze Your Current Website And Define Your Goals

In the process of building a website redesign plan, it is important to analyze your current website. Know how your current site is performing and where it is lacking. Also, give importance to the average number of visits and leads in a month, average monthly time spent on your website, bounce rate. In addition, dig into the total number of inbound links & sales, top-performing keywords and lead generation, and more. All these metrics will certainly give you an idea about where to focus on in your website redesign plan. 

The lifespan of your website cannot be the sole reason for redesigning your website, speed, bounce rate, outdated graphics can also be the reason. Hence, it is important to define your goals and list them out for the new website.

STEP 2 - Review Your Existing Content

The content of your website plays an important role in making it successful. It is often referred to as the biggest contributor to your search engine ranking. Therefore, it is very important to review your website content. Check the current pages that are generating higher traffic. Along with that, check each and every piece of your website content and know whether it will add any value to your redesigned website. This will help you decide which content piece you can keep and which can be scraped off from your website redesign plan. Also, make sure you only migrate the high-quality content to your new website. To gain a higher ranking on the search engines, it is important to pay attention to the quality of your content. 

STEP 3 - Optimize Your Website For Mapping

The average attention time for visitors is limited to 5-7 seconds. This means you only have 7 seconds to convince visitors to stay on your website. For this every limited or little time, you have to be informative and straightforward to provide your users with good user experience. Make sure your web design plan template emphasizes on eye-catching visuals and appealing content. Also, include a sitemap to help visitors in the navigation. 

STEP 4: Keep User Experience As a Priority

User Experience is what makes your visitors stay on the website for a longer time. Considering its importance, it should be one of your top priorities in your website design plan template. If your user experience is engaging and appealing, then they will certainly want to explore more on your website. But the question is what all factors make a smooth user experience? Clear direction, smooth navigation, engaging content, and appealing CTA are some factors that define an engaging user experience. 

STEP 5: Launch The Redesign

Once your design is ready and is built in compliance with your goals, it is time to launch it. However, before launching the design, make sure it doesn’t include any error. 

STEP 6: Analyze The Result 

Your work doesn’t get over with the website redesign launch. Analyzing the result of website redesign services is also a crucial step in the process of redesigning a website. Remember there was a goal and reason to redesign your website? Analyzing the result means ensuring whether the goal is fulfilled. Also, ensure that all the issues that were found in the previous design have been resolved in the new design. 

Whether you own a small business or have a big one, the importance of website redesigning is same for all. To get the best website redesign services, you need the best professional assistance. Auxesis Infotech is a noted web design and development company with years of experience in the field of web space. 

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