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A Guide to Top User Experience (UX) Trends in 2020
5 December, 2019

A Guide to Top User Experience (UX) Trends in 2020

As the year starts approaching its end, people start making resolutions to live a better and successful life. But does the same thing works in the business sector, let’s say for the web design industry? Well, kind of! The only difference is there are business owners/web developers in place of people and trends in the place of resolutions. This clearly means the business world is so uncertain and flexible that owners or web developers start looking for new work approaches in order to stay and subsequently succeed in the market. 

Therefore, this post is going to highlight some of the future trends of User Experience (UX) that are expected to be there in web development space in the year 2020. Through our deep research and years of experience in the industry, we have tried to curate a list that includes the top 2020 UX trends. 

  • Unique 3D and 2D Illustrations

Believe it or not, illustrations have always been a major aspect in creating a website with high user experience. Digital or hand-drawn, 2D or 3D, illustrations are always the best mean to connect with the audience. With vast asymmetries, free forms, and unaligned designs, you can build a unique website with a friendly and inviting environment to create a better user experience. 

  • Bold Typography

Though this might not seem a big thing to many web designers, indeed it is for better user experience. Bold, highlighted, and oversized fonts catch the eyes of users. They are not just appealing but also leave a lasting impact on the minds of visitors. All you just have to make sure is the font size and font type of the bold or highlighted text. 

  • Animation

Everyone loves animation until and unless it lacks creativity and professionalism. And when combining it with the website, it can surely do wonders in terms of user experience. Since there will be no look back in the technology of mobile devices, hence, animated 3D UI won’t be an issue in the year 2020. From illustrations to logos to texts, you can expect to see unique and compelling animations in a major section of the website. 

  • Responsive colour

Gone are the days when the brand used to adopt the strategy of implementing a single colour in order to make their brand to that particular colour, just like that of Facebook. But this approach has now changed to the use of responsive colours. Now, the websites are drawn towards a set of predefined colours or complete dynamic systems. It helps a brand to create an appealing website with a unique user experience.

  • Designing for Voice (VUI)

In order to create a website with high user experience, it is important that it includes voice assistant. Well, this is the market demand that a majority of companies are looking to fulfil. 2020 will be the year of advancement and intelligence where you will see voice performing a majority of tasks. To enhance their experience, many websites and apps have started investing in voice communication to make our lives easier. This transition from screen to voice is one of the great opportunities for web designers to create products that are not just easier to use but also give a great experience. 

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Well, did we miss out any equally important trend? Do let us know in the comment section down below! Also, if you have any query related to website development or user experience, connect with Auxesis Infotech as they are one of the pioneers in the field of web design and development

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