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Important Tips to Design Your Chatbot
2 February, 2020

A Handy Guide to Design Your Chatbot

Though the history of Chatbot dates back to 1960s, but an advanced version of it was brought by Chinese company WeChat back in 2009. And since then, it has been serving as a remedy for aching interaction between computers and humans. It’s no hidden fact that, with the introduction of the chatbot, the response time of customer support has speeded up. Now, the customers do not have to wait for hours to get the response for their query. As a result of that, the customer support expenses have also decreased. Today almost every company either have started or looking to deploy this technology in their business. 

Why Chatbot Matters For a Business?

The aim of every chatbot is to let users connect with brands irrespective of where they are and what they want. As compared to contact forms, chatbots are more engaging and effective in transmitting the brand’s voice. But, not all chatbots can give you the same output. The ones that are well-designed can only handle the communication as well as act consistently while maintaining a personal or a human touch on a conversation. 

If you are looking to build a bot for your business, then here are some tips that you should look to design a consistent and effective chatbot

  • Find a Personality For Your Bot

In order to create your chatbot personality, it is important to define your user personas. You can start by getting to know the nature of your users. Know about how they speak and what are they interested in. An important thing to know is things that may possibly offend them so that, you can avoid them. It is also important to serve people from different countries, coming from different cultures. 

  • Decide the Ideal Language and Tone

Well, it’s obvious, in order to communicate your bot must know a common language. It is one of the most important factors that decide how users perceive a bot. For that, you should have the best writer as your chatbot will be having only a few lines of text to compel users or to catch their attention. So, it is indeed important to not to waste that one opportunity on boring and cliche content. 
Another concerning thing is the tone of voice and the speed. It is proven fact that in the case of chatbots, humans become extra smart to interact with bots. They throw all sorts of questions just to see how the chatbot is responding. Hence, it is important to think about how many exclamations marks your boat should and at what pace it will respond.

  • Design Style

You cannot step into the designing process just like that. Research is indeed important to decide the design, name, and avatar of your chatbot. However, make sure to keep all these aspects in accordance with your brand identity and target users. If you have any brand mascot, then it can be used as your chatbot. If you don’t have any, then you can go for a fictional character. Not just this, you can also customize the appearance of the chat widget in your dashboard along with colors/themes/background image.

  • Add Visuals

In this world of social media, people love to use emojis, videos, graphics or even GIFs in digital conversations. It acts as a great power to fuel a conversation and make it more interesting. You can make your chatbot visual-friendly so that, when a customer uses these visuals in a chat window, your bot can respond in a more catchy way. That will be a way to make the entire chat more like a human-to-human conversation. 

  • Prefer to Avoid “I Don’t Understand” Answer 

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time arming up your bot with answers to oodles of questions. However, you won’t be able to prepare it for all the questions. In the case, you can prepare it to know how to behave when something unexpected occurs. When such questions arise, instead of making your bot say “I don’t understand”, you can equip it with some witty answers. Such answers will make users smile even after the fact that they didn’t get the answer. 

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So, these are some of the target points where you should keep your focus while developing a chatbot for your business. Taking professional help is ideal if you are looking to build a chatbot. Auxesis Infotech is one of the leading web agencies and one of their expertise is chatbot design & development. You can consider and get yourself insured with the best services in the space of design and development.

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