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Advantages & disadvantages of artificial intelligence in web world

Creating a website has never been an easy task. The complexities from each of the pages had to be coded individually to the large size of websites raised the graph of pressure. In case of a single change like a change in the address, URL, navigation, etc. you need to update on every page. But with the advancement in technology, it became possible to make changes in a single location after which the changes would be available anywhere on the website. Then the CMS grew in popularity which was then followed by the drag and drop web development technology. Out of the latest technologies that have been at work nowadays is Artificial Intelligence(AI).


Every one of you must at some time have used the websites that are powered by AI without you having the slightest idea about the same. In case you do not agree, just go through some of the best websites that you use on a regular basis and find out how it uses artificial intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science that has the ability to think and work better than the humans. It combines a number of goals like problem-solving, reasoning, knowledge representation, planning machine and many more.  Ranging from web development services to web design, design images, content development, search engine, product suggestions, etc. are automated with the help of AI. Hence it is necessary to get an idea of the advantages and disadvantage of the same.


Advantages of Artificial intelligence-

1. Error Contradiction- Artificial Intelligence minimizes the error occurrence and attains accuracy with a degree of precision. It is applied in various studies like the exploration of space.
2. Fuel Exploration Processes- Due to the programming of robots, they can perform more laborious and hard work with greater responsibility. Moreover, can be used for exploring the ocean floor and hence overcoming the human limitation.
3. Daily Application- Number of websites make use of AI along with the web development technologies in order to provide a better experience for the users.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence:

1. Expensive- The complex machine requires huge costs for their repair and maintenance. They have software programs which need frequent upgradation to cater the needs of the changing environment.
2. No Original creativity- Do you believe in creativity or intelligence? If yes, then artificial intelligence is not your cup of tea. They can only help you to design and create, they have no role in the power of thinking that the human has.
3. Unemployment-  The thought of replacement of humans with machines lead to the large scale of unemployment. Humans will lose their creative power and will become lethargic.


So, If you own a business or are planning to start one, it is futile to wait for the AI to reach its full potential. In order to get the best web design, make sure that you choose Auxesis Infotech which provides the best web development services in India. The projects are delivered on time and are priced reasonably thereby providing you the feeling as if the website is designed by the AI itself.

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