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10 Easy Ways to Add More Personality to Your Web Content
14 May, 2020

Best 10 Tips to Give Your Web Content More Personality

If you haven’t discovered the power of engaging and appealing content on your website, it’s high to dig into that. Creating content isn’t enough to cater to your audience. What you write has to hold a personality in order to bring engagement, earn trust, and convert visitors into users. Content with personality helps you claim your space online. Not just this, if you choose to give your web content more personality, you build a relationship with your audience and showcase them your expertise. Hence, following the rules of content writing, here we present you top tips to help you create a high personality content. 

  • Make Sure Your Readers Are Enjoying Themselves

While writing a piece of content, it is important to understand that you write according to your readers. There is no need to use complex words and language. It might be an interesting way to appeal to your audience, but from a reader’s perspective, he/she is unlikely to give a complete read to a piece of content that is unable to understand. Thus, it is important to ensure that your readers enjoy themselves while reading your content. And that can only be achieved by writing content full of personality. 

  • Tell a Good Story

Imparting information through engaging stories is another way to give your web content more personality. The trick to creating conversational content is simple; you have to come up with a story that consists of both entertainment value and a message for your readers. If you prefer to do it, then you are more likely to retain your readers for a longer duration of time with your conversational content. 

  • Use Humor

In your content writing strategy, make sure you add this point as your top priority. Readers love the sense of humor while reading. Besides, presenting your content like a simple and ordinary way seem more like a copy and paste content. It is important to understand with the boring writing style, you will never be able to create high-personality content.

  • Ask Rhetorical Question

To create a perfect content flow for engagement, do not forget to ask rhetorical questions from your readers. Rhetorical questions make readers feel important, relatable, and themselves rather than simply gaining information. Writing content full of personality isn’t a cakewalk, but adding rhetorical questions make it a bit easier. 

  • Have Your Own Opinions

Want to give your writeup a unique outlook? If so, make sure you put your opinions as well while writing high personality content. Doing so makes conversational content ever more appealing and with more personality. It works in a way where readers get to learn or know about a certain thing that they never have thought of before. 

  • Think Formatting

Your content writing strategy is a total waste without good formatting. Yes, that’s true! Paragraph spacing, font type, font size, bold type, italicized fonts, and numbered and bulleted lists are some important factors that influence the formatting and content flow for engagement. 

To create a conversational content of high personality, it is important that keep the paragraphs short and precise. Also, use italics to highlight and add emphasis on keywords.

  • Be Yourself

While giving a conversational content more personality, it is important to make sure it reflects your personality. Since you have invested your time on a piece of content, don’t you want it to be unique? Well, a way to make it unique is by being yourself. Be it the writing style, information, or story, it is important to be yourself with all aspects of the content. It not only ensures an authentic and personal touch to a piece of the writeup but also a smooth content flow for engagement boost. 

  • Widen Your Vocabulary

By saying vocabulary, we are not asking you to write like Shakespeare. But improving your vocabulary to the extent where you are able to put the right word reflecting the right situation is a good way for your conversation content to achieve a better personality. But, finding that one word that fits a particular situation is quite a task. And since most people hate dictionaries, you can use the online thesaurus as an alternative.

  • Be Interested in Your Topic

Let’s be real. Do you think the readers will find your content engaging and appealing when you have written it with no interest? Certainly not! Hence, it is very much important to have an interest in the topic on which you are looking to write conversational content. If you think a particular topic is dull or boring, put more effort into the research part to find the aspect which makes it intriguing. 

  • Write Like You Talk

Doesn’t matter if you are behind a computer, write like you talk. Tell stories, ask questions, and share personal life experiences are some ways to be yourself while writing a piece of content. Doing so ensures a smooth content flow for engagement boost. But, there is a right way and wrong way to do it. Surely, you don’t want to fall in the wrong way. Hence, make sure you do not put any sort of discriminative words, or be biased for a particular thing. 

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