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Create an Online Community With These WordPress Forum Plugins
7 May, 2020

Best WordPress Forum Plugins to Build a Thriving Online Community

Whether you are selling products online or providing any kind of service or solution, the forum section becomes one of the most integral parts of your website. Creating a forum section where customers can provide feedback to help businesses to build an online community. 

Now, If you are looking to build a forum for your WordPress website, well, you can use a plugin. Sounds easy, right? Well, it isn’t! It is because there are too many WordPress forum plugins that it often becomes a question which one is the best WordPress forum plugin. 

But don’t worry, we have created this post to fill you with information about the best forum plugins for WordPress to build an online community. 

  • bbPress

When it comes to the best WordPress forum plugin to build community, bbPress is considered one of the best options. It is a popular plugin and is a preferred choice of businesses looking to build a WordPress forum. The best part about this plugin is that despite being simple, it handles all the forum-related requirements without any difficulty. In order to use this WordPress community plugin, you need to have a bbPress compatible theme which is not at all difficult to find. 

  • DW Question & Answer Pro

DW Question & Answer Pro is another best WordPress forum plugin which is absolutely free. This forum plugin has a number of important features to help you build an online community by adding simple yet user-friendly forum sections to your WordPress website. As the name itself suggests, this online community plugin allows users to submit questions on the forum with ease. It offers a voting option for your community members to vote for their favourite answer. If you are looking to build a forum with some unique features like private Q&A and sticky questions, then DW Question & Answer Pro is the best forum plugin for WordPress. 

  • wpForo Forum 

wpForo Forum is an advanced WordPress community plugin that consists of both responsive and modern layout styles. This is one of those forum plugins that comes with some impressive set of features to build an amazing forum for your online community. This plugin not only does benefit desktop users but also the ones on mobile devices.

  • BuddyPress

Another best forum plugin for WordPress is BuddyPress. This is probably one of the most popular WordPress forum plugins that allow users to create usernames, profiles, post messages, and manage groups. All these can be done in a forum-like format. If you are thinking of building a social community on top of your website, then BuddyPress is the right choice. With this plugin, you can have a website with some great social media features.

  • Simple: Press

An easy-to-use third party forum plugin that nicely integrates with your WordPress website is Simple: Press. It easy to integrate this plugin; you just have to download it and upload into the plugin area of your website. This is absolutely free plugin. Also, it is fully responsive and makes your forum appealing in every device. Simple: Press has more than 70 modules. Besides, the free version supports some important features like SEO or a spam protection tool. Whereas, the premium version includes TinyMCE editor for post formatting and the function of private messaging and a. 

  • Discussion Board Pro 

If you are looking for an easy way to add a discussion forum to your website for your online community, consider Discussion Board Pro. With just a single click, you can install this plugin. However, during the installation process, this plugin creates three pages - a login page, a page for viewing existing topics, a page for posting new topics. These pages are important to back your forum. Being one of the best forum plugins for WordPress, Discussion Board Pro includes some amazing features like user management. The best part about this WordPress forum plugin is that it is mobile responsive and works with any theme. 

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That is it for the best WordPress plugin options. We hope this post helped you to find the best forum solution to build an online community for your WordPress website. Besides, if you are thinking of hiring WordPress plugin development services to build a new plugin for your website, you can consider Auxesis Infotech. We are a highly-recommended WordPress Development Company carrying years of experience in delivering the best and exception web services to our clients.

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