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14 February, 2019

Some notable big name brands that are using Drupal

The most heated debate in today’s world of a technical realm is the comparison between Drupal and Wordpress. Global technical leaders state their views as to which CMS is better. What we always witness is that Drupal has an upper hand over other CMS’s including Wordpress due to some specialties. So what makes Drupal a better CMS?

Firstly, let’s talk about as to what is Drupal? Drupal is an open source CMS written in PHP and it is absolutely free to use. The backend framework of 2.3% of worldwide websites of different domains is provided by Drupal.

Some reasons as to why it is a much preferred CMS in the market are as follow

  • It is free and anyone can use it, even those lacking technical skills can use Drupal.
  • As it’s more vigorous, it can withstand complex projects.
  • It is much more secure as compared to other CMS’s.
  • It is multilingual and its basic functionalities & modules come in different 90 languages.
  • With powerful SEO modules, it makes SEO easy for you.
  • It is so flexible that you can customize almost everything on your website.

Due to the reasons above some of the big name brands are using Drupal to build their websites.

The list of these big brands goes as follows

Tesla - The first name which strikes our head when someone talks about innovation, creativity, and performance is Tesla. From electric cars to space shuttles, Tesla hasn’t left any stone unturned. Due to the fact that Drupal is multilingual and is extremely secure, the best have chosen the best.

Tag Heuer - A paradise for every watch lover. One of the best and most reputable watch brands uses Drupal for its website and their website is equally elegant as their watches are. Due to the fact that it is flexible and multilingual, this classy swiss watch brand opted to go for Drupal.

Lamborghini - A sports car brand that leads the race in all the domains, be it speed, style or performance. It is surely every car lover’s dream to have this car parked in their garage. This leading brand has opted for Drupal to build its website as they do not compromise with the quality.

Magento - The most powerful and popular E-commerce platform these days has an official website driven by Drupal. And it is a perfect example of how one CMS supports another to build an ideal website. By this, one can easily imagine the horizon of Drupal.

GeForce - Unarguably, one of the best brands for graphics processing units and a boon for every gaming fanatic. Due to the fact that drupal’s performance is better than other CMS, Nvidia chose it over others to build GeForce.

AndroidCentral - The website of Android Central is built in Drupal. Considering the vast range of Android users, one can only imagine the amount of traffic this site would receive. Only Drupal could have handled this without any issues and that’s why it was chosen over other competitors.

Lady Gaga - One of the most popular American singers has a website which is powered by Drupal. From the information on her upcoming tours to buying her merchandise, the website has it all. The flexible nature of Drupal was the reason why it was chosen over other CMS’s.

NASA - This US-based agency of aerospace research has an aura which is limitless. Its website is just as grand as this agency is. Built in Drupal, NASA’s website is one of the best websites and it provides a lot of information and news as well.

These are a few big brand names which have used Drupal to build their world-class websites and the reasons behind are quite justified. By reading this, one can easily figure out which CMS is leading the race. If you need a world class website for your business and get into the list of these world dominators then get in touch with one of the best Drupal agencies in the business, Auxesis Infotech. Contact me for more details!

brands that are using Drupal, much preferred CMS in the market
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