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How we built an application to divulge information on movies and TV shows while facilitating communication between fans of entertainment.

The client had envisioned an online application that would act as a guide to OTT platforms for users and enthusiasts of the entertainment industry. They sought to create a digital app that would enable users to choose what movie or TV show to watch and the best time and OTT platform for doing so. Another goal was a safe environment where movie aficionados or other fans of entertainment may interact and connect, similar to social media platforms. We were successful in creating the client's suggested product thanks to our proficiency in DXP Strategy and Consulting, MVP Development, UI Design and Implementation, and Web Development

    Media, Entertainment & Publishing
    1 year of Core Development followed by Application Development

Tech Stack

Amazon AWS
Drupal 8

Service Provided

API & Microservices
Continuous Monitoring
Dedicated Teams
Digital Design & Branding
Digital Prototyping
DXP Strategy & Consulting
Mobile App Development
MVP Development
Performance Optimization
Product Design Strategy
Product-Market Fit
Support & Maintenance
UI Design & Implementation
Web Development

"Auxesis has cemented a prestigious place in the books of app development by completing the rare trifecta of delivering a high-quality app on time, within budget, and per specification. "

Anjan Mahtre


About The Client

A collection of cast and crew listings, story descriptions, and ratings for films and TV episodes that can be accessed online. They set out to build a comprehensive application to solve the WHAT, WHERE, & WHEN to WATCH conundrum for OTT and movie consumers. They even plan to provide a unique forum for discussion on films and TV shows. This application was created with the goal of assisting users in selecting the appropriate entertainment. Additionally, they aim to be the best platform in India and the world for connecting fans with the same enthusiasm for a particular movie or television show. 


The client's initial idea was for an OTT guide that would provide information about films and other entertainment programs. They also intended the design to represent a social media platform where users could connect and communicate about these films and TV episodes. Our technical expertise and our talented design team worked together to make the client's dream a reality. 

Why & how we were chosen?

The client contacted us to transform his undeveloped idea into an MVP. We performed a product discovery workshop where we showcased our proficiency in Product Design Strategy and Web Development to better comprehend the client's requirements. We illustrated our thoughts with a wireframe that we used to present them. We highlighted the significance of a seamless user journey by drawing on our expertise in MVP Development and Performance Optimization. The client was highly impressed by this and decided to work with us to bring their ideas to life as a result.


Every company encounters unique difficulties that could decrease its effectiveness or responsiveness. Here are a few instances of challenges we had while working on this project and overcame.

  • Systematically collecting, organizing, and presenting information.
  • Importing big amounts of data without impeding user experience.
  • Developing and maintaining the homepage, listing page, detail page, and timeline page load times.
  • Displaying reviews in an organized manner.
  • Creating a complete, feature-rich application within the allotted time frame. 

Solution Design

By working together and being generally engaged, we helped them overcome a number of business obstacles. Among them, the following stand out:

  • The project's most crucial component was data management. The enormous database related to the entertainment sector was the main worry. We took care of this by steadily and methodically extracting information from the IMDb (Internet Movie Database). The inspection of X-Rated films and television programs followed. The main problem was those motion pictures and television programs rated "X" in India but not in other nations. As a result, it was challenging to filter the data that was being fed into our platform. To effectively address this, our group came up with the concept of including nation-specific criteria and filters.
  • Our project required a sizable server to handle the volume of data associated with it. Our experienced staff initially recognized the impracticality of real-time data import. To fix this, we divided the data importation procedure into two phases, each of which dealt with the data on the listing page and the detail page individually.
  • Due to the numerous factors at play, we understood the significance of controlling the load time for the property, listing, detail, and timeline pages. We used the following fixes for each page in question.—

Homepage: Here, information was supposed to be imported based on many criteria, including top-rated films, recently released films, and more. The lengthy loading time of the page was adversely affected by the abundance of films and entertainment programs. This problem was fixed by limiting the number of videos that are fetched to the site for each parameter to 20. We added a lazy load to maintain speed and enable a simple user experience.

Listing Page: The search results were excessive, even with our option for advanced filters. This forced us to present the data in 20-item batches, displaying the following batch on each scroll. Our goal pace was attained, and by keeping customers from becoming irritated, we successfully increased client retention.

Detail Page: As the name implies, this page supports a lot of information, such as movie information, comments, reviews, etc. Actions like "Watchlist," "Seen," "Book Tickets," and others were also featured. The main reason for the longer load time was information on "Related Movies ."To combat this, we included section-wise lazy loading, and batch data fetching.

Timeline Page: The problem with this page was also resolved via lazy loading. We avoided compromising real-time data by displaying fixed comments underneath each article.

  • Our team paid particular attention to developing a strong review system to provide all user feedback in a structured way. We proceeded with a bifurcation in accordance with the reviewers because the reviews were more challenging and uncomplicated than we had thought. We now have four categories: "You," "Everyone," "Friends," and "Critics." Here, "You" highlighted user-provided reviews, "Everyone" highlighted all user-provided reviews collectively, "Friends" highlighted user-provided reviews from friends and connections, and "Critics" highlighted user-provided reviews from movie critics.
  • Our technological know-how and design expertise allowed us to finish the client's OTT guide platform development within the allotted time frame. We developed a social platform with the client's specifications in mind, allowing users to have individual profiles, followers, and more. By creating specific custom categories like "Topics of the Day," "Trending Movies," etc., we made it easier for the information to be shown in the right way. Additionally, we incorporated certain automated features like "Top Reviewer of the Month," which would encourage user interaction and support long-term retention.

“They make sure that every project undertaken receives the best possible attention and enthusiasm. I'm really glad I found Auxesis to help me out because my mobile application was everything I had hoped for.”

Anjan Mahtre


Future Plan

An established and trustworthy professional relationship with the client was made possible by our cooperation. Major changes were postponed in order to concentrate on finding a Product-Market Fit. Our team has been given the responsibility of managing Continuous Monitoring and Performance Optimization in the interim.  


By creating the OTT guide solution exactly how they imagined it, we successfully assisted the customer in turning their idea into reality. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • A smooth application providing information about films and TV shows for entertainment fans.
  • A user-friendly app with smooth navigation and quick loading.
  • A social media platform that enables individuals to connect around a shared interest in entertainment.

38.5% Increase in Customer Engagement

User engagement increased by 38.5% as a result of our emphasis on building a social area for them.

18.2% User Retention

 User retention increased significantly as a result of our focus on providing an ideal user experience.

Audience Expansion

Our social media platform helped the customer significantly increase the number of audiences, which was very beneficial.

Let's Build Your Next Digital Product?

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Innovation & Creativity

Our immensely talented technical team consistently thinks out of the box, producing truly innovative solutions leading to outstanding end results.

Customer Support

Maintaining and improving client satisfaction is our top priority, and we achieve this through prompt customer support, be it during the project or after the completion.

Client Satisfaction

We are very excited about our work, and we enjoy doing it. We provide regular updates, phone calls, and product demos to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

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Our success is demonstrated by having the most reviews compared to competitors.

Auxesis Infotech provides web development support on our Drupal platform. They are always flexible enough to help us achieve our goals. Very pleased with Auxesis competance, flexibility, communications and execution.


Richard Halderthy

Director Brand & Communications, Saint Gobain Ltd

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I'm impressed by their communication and speed of action. Ever since we launched the redevelopment, there’ve been many compliments on the improved look, functionality, and ease of navigation.


Ryan Titley

Director of Projects, ERRIN

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