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How we developed a Product Design Strategy to create an internal application to expand the client's business through a Loyalty Rewards program.

The client recognized the chaotic and haphazard nature of the painter's market with regard to the Indian paint industry. This made them want to build an online loyalty system on top of their offline coupon system that was already in place. In addition, they wanted to expand their business and include more workers through coupons and loyalty rewards. Keeping this in mind, they approached our team with the notion of developing an online application that would help them grow their database and expand their business. Our technical proficiency and professional experience enabled us to recognize their particular requirements and build a program to help the client connect with their painters and reward them with various offers to further advance their business.

    Construction & Manufacturing
    9 months of core development, followed by on-demand feature enhancements

Tech Stack

Amazon AWS
Drupal 8

Service Provided

API & Microservices
Content Development & Marketing
Digital Design & Branding
DXP Strategy & Consulting
Mobile App Development
Product Design Strategy
Product Scaling
Product-Market Fit
UI Design & Implementation

 “Auxesis performed their duties exceptionally well. They are motivated by a passion for developing and delivering novel concepts, and we can see that in their work.”

Sachin Jain

Head of Operations

About The Client

A company that is known in the paint industry for its quality and innovative products. They offer painting services for your homes that are well-known on a worldwide scale without negatively impacting the environment or our planet. In this age of modernization, they yearn to provide their customers with paint products of the highest quality available that are well worth the money spent on them. Therefore, they pursued the best painting options available, blending foreign know-how with Indian heartedness to find the ones that best suited Indian climatic conditions and customers. It goes without saying the clients were adamant on broadening their business horizons through a rewards program for the painters.


The client already had an offline coupon system in place when they approached us for this project. However, the data was stored in such a scattered manner that their primary purpose was not being fulfilled. This pushed them to come up with the idea of building an online loyalty rewards program to keep track of their painters while attracting them more efficiently. In addition to the contractors, we had to acknowledge the importance of the distributors as well.

After much deliberation, our team designed a mechanism to divide the cities where the business was operative according to specific Tiers. Based on the city's production and sales level, it would be assigned a tier. This helped us build an effective and customized loyalty system.

Why & how we were chosen?

Originally, the client approached us to conduct a detailed interpretation of their business idea. Our team held a discovery workshop to evaluate the client's needs and demonstrate our analytical expertise. Our extensive professional experience, in addition to the proven capabilities of our competent business analyst, positively affected the client's impression of us, which pushed them to partner with us for the development of their loyalty program.


Businesses often encounter a few difficulties as they embark on their digital development journeys. Here are some issues that surfaced during our cooperation—

  • Developing a complete solution for scanning and generating coupon codes.

  • Expediting the building of a single button for both "Log In" and "Sign Up."

  • Using third-party API to get aadhaar information and conduct verification.

  • Ensuring that bonus points are handled automatically in frontend development and manually in backend development.

  • Dividing cities per production and sales levels to offer multiple scanning options which would help retain more contractors.

  • Renewing reward points every year without affecting previous transactional information.

  • Incorporating two types of payments–immediate payments and credit notes.

  • Building a mechanism for the release of credit notes for the dealers based on their respective cities.

  • Ensuring an optimum level of security considering the amount of confidential information involved.

  • Delivering a speedy and seamless user experience.

Solution Design

We supported the client in overcoming several business challenges thanks to our collaboration and regular communication. Here's how we approached it—

  • We began the development process by building a complete mechanism for the end-to-end handling of coupons. We designated the generation of coupons to the backend structure while attaching the scanning of coupons to the front end. Initial testing showed issues with the accessibility of the scanning option as most of the workers involved were unskilled.  To address this, our team built additional options for the manual entering of coupons.

  • We were required to designate a single button for the "Log In" and the "Sign Up" option, and we achieved this without jeopardizing the response time of the application. Again, we enlisted the power of our skilled developers to take care of this. They handled it proficiently and without letting the speed hinder the user experience.

  • At first, we proceeded with the APIs suggested by the client itself. However, that turned out to be inefficient, and the response time was longer. The importance of an appropriate API was attached to the procurement of Aadhaar information. This prompted us to conduct in-depth research to select the best-suited API, which we then suggested to the client and acquired approval.

  • We automated the collection of data when building the "Sign Up" process and displayed the final calculated value in the backend structure. Additionally, we verified KYC information and clarified signup points before submission. This effectively prevented data duplication and the submission of false information.

  • We designed a system that would classify the cities into tiers according to their production levels and sales. The reasoning behind this was to provide more scanning options and retain more contractors. Our team efficiently executed the development of this system, thereby promoting retention levels.

  • The client required us to build a mechanism to renew and bring the loyalty points to zero yearly without influencing the previously stored transactional information. Therefore, we designed the system to carry this out effectively every financial year.

  • Our development team integrated real-time payment gateways for the redemption of reward points. We also incorporated a capping mechanism that would make sure that redemption is only possible for reward points above 200. According to our system, contractors were issued immediate and upfront payments, while dealers could raise requests for the allocation of credit notes. Here, credit notes were issued to dealers in correspondence with every redemption.

  • Considering the importance of coordinating dealers and contractors, we designed two different tables, one for the benefit of each. The first table would comprise a comprehensive list of all available dealers. The second table was dedicated to all the relevant information with respect to transactions conducted by the contractors mapped under each dealer. We also added features like CSV and filters to alleviate the admin's workload further. We even designed a "Bulk Update" option for the admin to update multiple transaction statuses in bulk easily.

  • Considering the large amount of confidential and personal data involved, it became crucial to ensure optimal security. For this, we created separate admin roles where limited people would be able to access confidential information. In addition to working with highly secure encryptions, we even displayed certain extra-sensitive information to the admins in an encrypted format.

  • In addition to wonderfully incorporated watermarks, our team added numerous design components to ensure a pleasant user journey. We conducted thorough consultation and strategizing to deliver an exceptional user experience. We also made sure to run beta testing before launching the application.

“Our working relationship has been fruitful, and together we have produced some outstanding outcomes. They create high-quality work and respond to queries and concerns quickly. Future collaboration with them is something we look forward to.”

Sachin Jain

Head of Operations

Future Plan

As a result of our diligent collaboration, we value being able to build a reliable working relationship with this client. Pleased and satisfied with the end result delivered by our team, the client requested our additional services in maintaining the integrity of the application.


Our team met all of the client's requirements and significantly surpassed their hopes in delivering a comprehensive and valuable loyalty rewards application. Some of the highlights of our collaboration are as follows—

  • An impeccable and speedy application with a myriad of features.

  • A user-friendly interface for an effortless user experience.

  • A solid, protected website that cannot be compromised in terms of data security.

25% boost in contractor’s database

Our online loyalty program helped the client expand their contractor's database by 25%.

10000 Points Redeemed

The reward points program witnessed the redemption of a whopping 10000 points.

20% increase in dealer retention

We were able to enhance dealer retention by 20%, owing to our constant and robust strategies.

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Client Satisfaction

We are very excited about our work, and we enjoy doing it. We provide regular updates, phone calls, and product demos to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

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I'm impressed by their communication and speed of action. Ever since we launched the redevelopment, there’ve been many compliments on the improved look, functionality, and ease of navigation.


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