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How we achieved a significant digital capability augmentation of a Fortune 500 construction & manufacturing company, through strategy, consulting & solutions implementation

Our deep expertise in continuous product design equips out team to develop better digital products, faster. We engineered a complex set of functionalities to this client's existing set up, while also revamping and replacing their inefficient and old implementations with efficient digital solutions. Through our consulting and strategy, we were able to bring forward disruptive changes, including, but not limited to content experience and overall standard of the digital process. This lead to 33% reduction in overall backend issues, a massive 45% improvement in content management efficiency and over 40+ new features built and deployed improving the overall digital experience of their platform.

    Construction & Manufacturing
    Uk & Ireland
    4+ years, Ongoing

Tech Stack

Drupal 8
Apache SOLR
Acquia Cloud

Service Provided

Ideation & requirement evaluation
Drupal 8 to 9 upgrade
Data Migration
Drupal 8/9 custom module development
Drupal 8/9 site building & frontend
Support & AMC

Auxesis Infotech provides web development support on our Drupal platform. They are always flexible enough to help us achieve our goals. Very pleased with Auxesis competance, flexibility, communications and execution.

Richard Halderthy

Brand & Communication Manager

About The Client

A multinational Fortune 500 company that designs, manufactures, and distributes materials and solutions for the construction, mobility, healthcare, and industrial markets. It specializes in flat glass, thermal insulation, solar control, light transmission, interior decoration as well as bulletproof and fireproof glass areas. The company also offers gypsum and insulation, mortars, pipe systems for drinking water and sewage systems, steel products for highways and roadways, and more. In addition, it supplies ceramics raw materials used in a variety of markets.

Present in 70 countries
350 years of operation
167000 employees


The client initially contacted us for fixing some major issues that were causing major issues for the backend content management. Once we were able to solve these issues, next, the client contracted us to build an internal portal for their 1,67,000 global employees across 70 different countries. The internal portal was supposed to be a shares redeeming platform for the company’s employees. We took up the challenge of designing and developing an efficient, performant, and professional portal that could sustain the huge data and concurrent user activity. From thereon, we forged a solid partnership and what followed for the next 4 years was a series of standalone projects and enhancement work to their vast network of web platforms across various countries. The web architecture that the client has is a vast network of 150+ Drupal 8 multisite set-up and approximately 50+ separate functional Drupal 8 sites. We successfully carried on a series of at least 40+ (and ongoing) feature development over a span of 4 years.

Why & how we were chosen?

When the client got in touch with us, they were struggling with a set of major issues, that were severely crippling their content management experience, leading to increased cost and time wastage. Also, their existing digital set up was inefficient and unreliable. After carefully evaluating our background and portfolio, the client went ahead with our team.

Wes not only solved all their immediate issues in a matter of months, the expertise and the knowledge of our team shone through. They already had several vendors working on their portals, but the client was now looking for a team that can provide a better consulting & strategy in order to improve their existing digital infrastructure. Eventually they decided to entrust us with the task of management and continuous feature development their entire digital setup.

After 4+ years, we continue to manage and maintain their entire set up, bringing in effective digital strategy and continue to improve their digital experience platform.


During the lifetime of the project, here are some of the major challenged we have faced, and successfully solved.

  • Realization of a complex shares redeem platform to be used by the company’s 1,67,000 employees across the globe.
  • Strategization & implementation of an extensive and flexible page builder mechanism
  • Implementation of effective content moderation flow, as per the business logic laid down by the company’s backend team
  • Improve the existing translation and multilingual mechanism drastically to suit the requirement laid down by the content team
  • Building an interactive timeline, representing  the company’s 350 years of history
  • Achieve complete migration from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9
  • Data migration from sub-sites built in other technologies to Drupal 9
  • Constant strategy and consulting in order to come up with best digital solutions for day to day challenges reported by various stakeholders.
  • Implementation of an end to end job portal, based on talentlink API
  • Massive UI/UX improvement as per guidelines laid down by the branding team
  • In depth review and implementation in order to make the entire site SEO friendly and compatible with latest web standards

Solution Design

Over the course of the total engagement & partnership, we helped them tackle a host of business challenges. Some notable among these are:

  • Realization of a complex shares redeems platform to be used by 1,67,000. It needed a robust admin section for teams across various countries to manage the redeem points and perform export, import, approval, etc. Also, it needed strong security, and validation based on their employee code and internal passcode, on top of the standard Drupal authentication. Also, the platform needed to be extremely performant, since the number of concurrent users was supposed to be extremely high.

  • Built with Drupal, the present setup of the sites was quite static and a lot of the page layouts were non-flexible. It caused tremendous trouble for the backend team, especially considering the vastness of the website network and how distributed the teams were across multiple countries. Our team strategized the rehaul of the pages across their most notable brands and provided a component- architecture. We made it possible for them to mix and match from a vast network of components, and create their own content pages with zero developer interference. 

  •  Another huge challenge they were facing was being issued with content moderation. With such a vast array of content rolled out each day, they needed an extremely robust content approval and publishing mechanism on their site. They were still using a very primitive workflow. Our strategy team discussed the business requirement and after a lot of brainstorming, came up with a perfect recipe tailored to perfection to their business needs.

  • At the time we took over, they were following a very inefficient translation and multilingual mechanism. It was prone to errors and was not covered within the content moderation process. Hence it was a cause of a huge headache for various stakeholders. Our team, in association with the Chief Media Strategist from their company, discussed how to streamline the process and introduce the content moderation flow to the translation mechanism as well.

  • This company had a rich history of 350+ years. They wanted to rehaul their lackluster timeline section and for the same, they needed the suggestion of our UI/UX team. We presented them with several ideas and finally, we were able to deliver just what they needed.

  • Another important aspect of our ongoing partnership is technical strategy and maintenance. Since their tech setup is so large in scale, it is also prone to sudden outages and urgent bugs and issues. And we are a one-stop-shop for all their technical issues. Whatever the issue is, our technical team strategizes and solves it. 

  • The company had a very primitive job portal that needed a massive rehaul. The job portal was slow and buggy. Also, they had different portals for different countries and it was not unified, which was causing a lot of administrative challenges. Our technical team discussed various approaches with their stakeholders and finally decided that it was time to unify all the career portals under one roof through common API integration. They chose to go ahead and integrate Talentlink API.

They have a great development team. Throughout our tenure with them, their constant communication was impressive. They never failed to impress in terms of technical knowledge & skill. Surely, we will connect them for future projects.

Michiel De M.

Product Director

Future Plan

After 4 years of engagement and professional partnership with this client, we have emerged as a one-stop-shop for all their digital needs. We continue to work on a host of new initiatives for the company and hopefully, will continue to do so in years to come.


Over the years, our work and strategy has led to consistent improvement to their digital platform. Some of the highlights are:

  • A more streamlined translation and multilingual experience, saving countless hours of back and forth
  • Better reflection of the brand, by avoiding content mistakes through a efficient content moderation mechanism
  • More flexibility in terms of new page rollout, through page builder mechanism, resulting in huge savings in cost and time, by avoiding long designing and development loops
  • Ensuring web standard compatibility and SEO friendliness
  • A highly performant shares platform, used by large number of internal employees, making the process fast and completely digitizes, preventing manual processing and mistakes
  • A much improved jobs portal solution resulting in better candidate experience - both internal and external
  • A continuous & efficient QA cycle, to ensure the continuous web-readiness

33% Reduction in Overall Backend Issues

We were able identify and tackle their backend issues effectively, leading to a faster deployment cycle and less regression issues.

45% Improvement in Content Management Efficiency

The content management solutions that we built resulted in better content moderation solutions, leading to faster content approval process.

40+ New Features Built and Deployed

The new features we built and deployed led to an overall improvement to the digital experience of their platform.

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Work only with scalable technologies

The user can also earn referrals by introducing others to this platform, by providing them with his/her unique referral link. Moreover, product is underwritten by a portfolio of property assets generating an income and ensuring the future development and maintenance of the platform.

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Auxesis Infotech provides web development support on our Drupal platform. They are always flexible enough to help us achieve our goals. Very pleased with Auxesis competance, flexibility, communications and execution.


Richard Halderthy

Director Brand & Communications, Saint Gobain Ltd

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I'm impressed by their communication and speed of action. Ever since we launched the redevelopment, there’ve been many compliments on the improved look, functionality, and ease of navigation.


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