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Often misconceived to be the same as outsourcing, staff augmentation essentially refers to the process of expanding an existing operational team based on the requirement. The advancement of a project primarily depends on the proficiency of the staff. However, recruiting an appropriate workforce with respect to a specific task is not easy. This is where the importance of staff augmentation is realized.

Employing the right Drupal staff augmentation service can allow organizations to transform any Drupal web development venture into a roaring success.

Let us look into the various aspects of Drupal staff augmentation to acquire a firm understanding of how it can protect your business and deliver optimum results.

What Do You Mean by Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation

Under the ambit of software development, staff augmentation is a process of appropriating technical resources such as web developers, engineers, web designers, and others who further empower the existing development teams of an organization. Such recruitment enables the organization to bridge the gaps in the abilities of its current personnel. Expanding the teams based solely on expertise allows the organization to deliver projects more efficiently.

The staff augmentation process is often confused with the process of outsourcing. However, it is vital to comprehend the major difference between the two. On one hand, outsourcing refers to the process of employing an outside team to supervise and take care of the entire project. Staff augmentation, on the other hand, indicates the hiring of professionals who work in tandem with the existing team.

What makes Staff Augmentation Fundamental?

Staff augmentation allows an organization to impermanently extend its development teams in order to meet certain specific requirements of a particular project. Adept professionals like Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, firmly emphasize the importance of hiring the right individuals. To address this requirement, the importance of the staff augmentation model is acknowledged. 

Let us look at the many benefits of adopting staff augmentation:

  • High Demand for Developers

The increasing demand for qualified web developers tends to influence the competition in the digital markets. This is where Drupal staff augmentation comes in. It effectively allows organizations to remain flexible while simultaneously addressing the shortcomings of their workforce. 

According to the specifics of an iCIMS report, only 60% of technical positions could be filled by employers over the last 3 years. The data recovered through the CodinGame survey indicated that around 61% of employers faced difficulties in recruiting qualified professionals. In addition to this, CNBC has lined up “web developer” as one of the top 15 positions that will remain in demand in the coming years.

  • Requirement for Drupal Developers

It is essential for an organization to select appropriate software and hire the right personnel in order to antecede other competitors in the digital landscape. Businesses tend to perplex over whether to choose Drupal or WordPress when it comes to CMS. Needless to mention, Drupal comes up as the obvious choice.

It ought to be considered that the latest version of Drupal enables web developers to construct noteworthy websites that are safe, swift, receptive, multi-lingual, and user-friendly. With such varied facilities, Drupal emerges as the superior choice over other CMS options.

  • Drupal DevOps 

The Drupal DevOps proposition consolidates fresh ideas, inventive tools, and qualified professionals together. It is virtually an integrated instrument that includes development and business operations.

  • Collaboration of Drupalers

The importance of association and cooperation is duly recognized by Drupalers. It is realized that open-source technology cannot be obtained without optimizing collaboration. It should also be noted that there exist three classes of Drupalers with every Drupal project. They are:

  • Drupalers dealing with code writing, testing, and implementing
  • Drupalers who administer sites and are system-focused
  • Drupal engineers who ensure adherence to business standards

These employees come from different mindsets and collectively work towards achieving a centralized goal.

  • DevOps in Agile Environments

Contemporary Drupal teams operate within sharp, agile environments. It is within this environment that DevOps is most efficient. Enabled integration is made approachable for operators and developers. This is owed to early feedback which is obtained through agility. The operators can function jointly with the agile teams to ensure accessible deployment and secure the arrangement of systems.

  • Access to a Vast Talent Pool​​​​​

Employing full-time personnel who are competent and experienced in DevOps can often prove unaffordable. This is especially true when you only need their services for a limited period of time, like for a specific project. By engaging in Drupal staff augmentation, companies can choose to pay for the specific skills they need when they need them. It can allow the organization to ensure security and maintain economic stability.

  • Scalability 

Conventional staffing procedures are somewhat stern and inflexible. Often, companies find it difficult to accommodate any shifts in the company’s performance and the most common outcome of this is letting go of employees. Staff augmentation is considered a perfect resolution for this problem, owing to its flexibility. It allows the companies to leave the particulars to the experts and avert the expense of isolated consultancy. 

How to Make the Most of Drupal Staff Augmentation Services?

Staff augmentation services are most appreciated when an organization is using Drupal or launching a Drupal initiative for a specific web development project and is experiencing a shortage of qualified personnel. Under such conditions, it becomes viable for the organization to use an outside team to address its specific requirements.

With the employment of staff augmentation, the augmented personnel are authorized to evaluate the potential application of DevOps in the organization.

An Overview of the Numerous Benefits Associated with Drupal Staff Augmentation


Drupal staff augmentation prompts various operational perquisites. Some of the most significant benefits include:

  • Economic Efficiency

As previously inferred, Drupal staff augmentation helps companies cut back on unnecessary expenditures. Putting together a fresh team of professionals for a particular project often proves unessentially costly for a company. Therefore, companies can resort to Drupal staff augmentation to temporarily employ qualified personnel to handle such projects while avoiding additional operating costs.

  • Highly Skilled Additions

An organization may already have exceptional developers under their employment. But sometimes they may take on a project that calls for a particular set of skills that their existing employees may lack. This is where Drupal staff augmentation comes in. It enables the company to successfully deliver the project without having to recruit a whole new team of experts.

  • Resilience & Adaptability

Leveraging Drupal staff augmentation can effectively help companies in carrying out multiple projects with ease, regardless of their size. It also enables smaller companies to assume larger projects by hiring a flexible workforce on a temporary basis. Thus, it helps companies advance while avoiding any compromises on the quality of work delivered.

  • Time Management

Hiring permanent employees generally involves lengthy processes that are excessively time-taking. On the contrary, the staff augmentation process facilitates the preservation of both time and effort. Moreover, it efficiently helps the organization in extending their workforce to their satisfaction.

  • Better Supervision

The Drupal staff augmentation process empowers companies to acquire unrestricted authority over their employees. This is because the companies are explicitly responsible for the augmented workers and their tasks. The proper integration of the augmented members with the in-house team is entrusted solely to the company. Hence, throughout the augmentation process, the companies retain complete control. 

Drupal Staff Augmentation: Role in delivering lucrative projects

It ought to be recognized that staff augmentation plays a major role in helping organizations deliver productive projects efficiently. Acquiring appropriate talent for the team can go a long way in helping companies achieve their business objectives while ensuring that their central systems operate at great capacity.

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