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How we turned a statement of perplexity into a practical solution by engineering a personalized e-learning experience for both tutors and learners.

As a student, the client himself felt the need to address a gap in academics due to the lack of accessibility. He meant to eliminate the difficulties with regard to education that he identified, especially during the worldwide lockdown owing to the pandemic. That is when he recognized the need for virtual classrooms and became dedicated to building an online platform for the same. We were approached by the client with a basic idea for a Learning Management System  (LMS), which he sought to actualize. Our technological prowess and professional experience enabled us to acknowledge his specific requirements and frame his product ideation into an MVP.

We successfully introduced his product to the market, allowing him to explore the response received by it while adding newer features accordingly.

    3+ Years

Tech Stack

Amazon AWS
Drupal 8

Service Provided

API & Microservices
Dedicated Teams
Digital Design & Branding
MVP Development
Product Design Strategy
Product-Market Fit
UI Design & Implementation
UX Consulting & Audit
Web Development

 “We hired Auxesis Infotech for their website design and development services. They did an exceptional job. We’ve received a feature-rich website that works seamlessly.”

Markus Dellert


About The Client

The client is a student who took notice of the various difficulties faced by both tutors and learners for the lack of reachability. Therefore, he sought to develop a Learning Management System that works for tutors, students, and learners. He envisioned an LMS platform that would not be limited with respect to the courses offered, thereby delivering both open and closed courses. The client was dedicated to creating a secure learning atmosphere that would provide tutors and learners with a seamless, consistent, and overall educational experience.


The client wanted to build a platform that would deliver and manage all types of content, such as videos, courses, workshops, and documents, that are necessary for a smooth learning experience.

They recruited our qualified assistance to build an MVP that would allow them to gather user input as rapidly as possible to modify and improve the product. Our team meticulously assessed the client's requirements and overall vision to make sure we could gratify them before starting the end-to-end development and construction of an active and effortless platform.

Why & how we were chosen?

The client initially approached us with a foundational concept of what he planned to create. However, the designs presented by him were somewhat complicated and unhandy while lacking a touch of practicality and intuitiveness. In addition, his designs were missing a linkage through the workflow. This prompted us to come up with a comprehensive outline of how his ideas could be executed more efficiently. The client was immensely impressed by the project proposal put forth by our adept design team, which made him select us for the development. Furthermore, the customer decided to move forward with our team because of the in-depth consultation, strategic thinking, and open lines of communication we provided.


It is not uncommon for any business, especially a startup, to face certain obstacles in their initial phases of development and performance. Here are a few instances of the numerous difficulties we encountered while creating this project and how we overcame them—

  • Improvising the client's designs per his preferences and delivering a modern user journey.

  • Meeting the client’s needs with respect to payment gateways without altering his intricate subscription model.

  • Managing payouts for the tutors and instructors.

  • Incorporating and balancing both open and closed courses on a unified platform.

  • Building a customized dashboard with advanced filters for the students and learners.

  • Displaying tutor’s reviews through a mechanism based on the courses offered.

  • Designing flexible subscription plans with virtual storage management.

  • Building feature-rich courses with numerous advanced modules such as Drag-and-Drop, Dropdown, Fill in the Blanks, Pick the Right Word, and more.

  • Preventing data leakage.

  • Keeping our tech-savvy client informed at every stage of development.

  • Ensuring minimal clicks across the website for a flawless user experience.

  • Ensuring SEO-friendliness and web standard compatibility throughout the website.

Solution Design

We helped the client overcome several business difficulties through our collaborative efforts and continuous interaction. Here's how we went about it—

  • The client had initially put forth some complex designs that lacked intuitive, user-friendly features. However, our excellent design team tirelessly tried to modify and create a market-ready design while incorporating the client's requirements. Our past professional designing experience enabled us to achieve this seamlessly. As a result, we delivered a modern appearance to a traditional idea.

  • The client was unable to decide on payment gateways as no one option was able to fulfill all his requirements comprehensively. This further led to the designing of elaborate subscription plans. Here, our team successfully brought a change where the majority of the work was automated, and only some modules were handled manually. Moreover, we did so without altering the client's subscription plans. For this, we had to integrate two different types of payment gateways for the platform.

  • Keeping in mind the complicacy and sophistication of the business model, our team developed an automated payout mechanism that would ensure scheduled payments to the tutors or instructors.

  • The client ideated a platform that would not be limited in terms of courses. Considering this, we designed the platform to accommodate both open and closed courses combinedly. In addition, we made sure that the closed courses were accessible to specific persons. We developed a mechanism that would allow the creators of closed courses to invite particular people to access them while open courses remained available for all.

  • To ensure a smooth user experience, we built a personalized dashboard having advanced data filters for the learners and students. For this, we collectively presented all available data points in the database on the dashboard to be filtered by them according to their needs.

  • In order to eliminate any potential confusion, we created different pages for every tutor that would wholly display all the courses offered by them. This considerably increased the visibility of the courses while allowing all learners to identify specific tutors and their courses.

  • Our development team recognized the importance of providing flexible subscription plans with online storage management to ensure an effortless platform. For this, we decided to create all the necessary folders in the S3 bucket while adjusting their sizes dynamically and depending on the subscription plans. The size of a folder would alter in case of plan upgrades or downgrades.

  • The learning or training courses built by us were loaded with countless features such as Question With Radio Button, Accordion, Pick the Right Word, Adding, HTML, Images, Audio, and Video links, Embedding, Attaching Documents like PDFs, and more. In addition, we also added advanced text and multimedia content to the courses. However, no ready-to-use plugins were available to integrate the above-mentioned features. Nonetheless, our qualified team acquired the most ideal one and customized it per our needs. The team's expertise under the supervision of the technical head enabled us to achieve this.

  • Considering the large amount of data involved, paying particular attention to assuring data security proved imperative. This was carried out from the server end. Moreover, we made sure to keep the code quality compatible with the latest web standards.

  • The client was sufficiently knowledgeable and aware with respect to technology. Owing to this, they put forth several suggestions while actively participating in the development process. Therefore, we made sure to keep him in the loop with constant communication and also incorporated his technological contributions to the project.

  • We created a strategy to ensure that users could access all courses with the minimum number of clicks to provide customers with an exceptional online learning experience.  

  • Our team conducted extensive research and effectively applied its findings to create content for the website that is SEO-friendly and complies with the most recent web standards.

“Auxesis converted a simple idea into an up-and-running business that works exactly like we hoped. We’re glad to have opted for their services for our project.”

Markus Dellert


Future Plan

We appreciate being able to establish a trustworthy working connection with this client as a result of our dedicated collaboration. The client wanted to release the MVP first and wait to see how the market reacted before moving forward. Per the client’s instructions, we have been adding new features to the website depending on how the MVP is materializing in the market.


Our team delivered a complete and functional LMS to the client while fulfilling all their requirements and effectively exceeding their expectations. Some of the highlights of our collaboration are as follows—

  • An easy-going LMS platform with numerous features.

  • An intuitive website with a good loading speed and seamless browsing.

  • A reliable and secure website with no possibility of a data breach.

  • Affirmed SEO friendliness and compliance with the most current online standards.

150+ Courses Created

The seamless collaboration between tutors and learners led to the platform housing over 150+ courses in total.

1000+ People Onboarded

Our experience and expertise enabled us to onboard 1000+ people to the platform since its launch.

300+ Subscriptions Renewed

The smooth user experience encouraged the continued renewal of subscriptions, bringing the number of active users to 300+.

Let's Build Your Next Digital Product?

Our emphasis is on modernizing, innovating, interacting with customers and speeding up the process of bringing products to the market to help businesses get an edge over their rivals. We collaborate with customers worldwide to create Software applications that eliminate their old and intricate problems. A committed, knowledgeable and accomplished team of highly-trained professionals will help you with your product development from start to finish.


We take pride in building a team that have requisite experience, knowledge & expertise to execute a project succesfully and efficiently.


We lay down distinct processes and follow those meticulously, ensuring that a project is executed most efficiencly and with minimum resource & time wastage.


We ensure complete transparency in work & reporting, making sure we don't encounter the unexpected surprises, affecting the project progress and feasibility negetively.

Innovation & Creativity

Our immensely talented technical team consistently thinks out of the box, producing truly innovative solutions leading to outstanding end results.

Customer Support

Maintaining and improving client satisfaction is our top priority, and we achieve this through prompt customer support, be it during the project or after the completion.

Client Satisfaction

We are very excited about our work, and we enjoy doing it. We provide regular updates, phone calls, and product demos to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

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Kaya Catering
Dan's Fan city
Minoxidil Max
Store Brands
Foolad 24
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Our success is demonstrated by having the most reviews compared to competitors.

Auxesis Infotech provides web development support on our Drupal platform. They are always flexible enough to help us achieve our goals. Very pleased with Auxesis competance, flexibility, communications and execution.


Richard Halderthy

Director Brand & Communications, Saint Gobain Ltd

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I'm impressed by their communication and speed of action. Ever since we launched the redevelopment, there’ve been many compliments on the improved look, functionality, and ease of navigation.


Ryan Titley

Director of Projects, ERRIN

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