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6 Ways to Generate Qualified Leads With Content Marketing
9 September, 2020

How to Generate Leads With Content Marketing

In this digital era, it is very important for businesses to generate leads and content marketing is a key strategy to achieve it. As they say, “Content is King”, your content is one of the most important parts of your website. This is because it attracts the audience to your website. By attracting an audience, you can generate leads. With leads, you can look to market your products and services to make sales. But when it comes to how to make leads, it cannot be possible without an audience. Hence, comes the need for great content. The way you present and provide information through your content convince your audience to purchase your products and services. 

Therefore, we have meticulously created this guide to help you learn about content-based lead generation for your business. So, stick until the end of this blog post to know everything about how to make leads with content marketing. 

Research Your Customer Avatar

It is important to ensure that your great content must appeal to your targeted customers. If it is unable to attract an audience, you won’t be able to get qualified lead generation. However, before even creating a single piece of content, it is important to understand your customers. And a great way to do it by knowing about your customer avatar.

You must be wondering what is a customer avatar? It is about the detailed profile of your target users. It is needed when you have different target users. This is a part of a good content marketing strategy as it allows you to create content that appeals to every type of audience. In order to create a customer avatar, it is important to have the following information: biographical info, values, pain points, role in the purchase process, objections to the sale, and favorite source of information/entertainment. 

Leverage Content Syndication

It’s not just about having content but having valuable content for qualified lead generation. If you have any obscure post on your blog page, then there are high chances that it will affect your capability to boost content-based lead generation. 

Content syndication is basically the process of putting your content on third-party sites with a better and bigger audience base. It is one of the most popular content ideas for lead generation. Hence, it should be part of your content marketing strategy to generate leads. It works in a way where you get exposure to a bigger audience and the third-party website gets free content to satiate their audience. 

Provide Lead Magnets and Content Upgrade

Lead magnets and content upgrade are two different concepts that work together to achieve the same goal, i.e., qualified lead generation with content marketing. 

A Lead magnet is more like an offer that you can promote to potential leads in exchange for their personal information like an email address. There are various types of content that can serve as lead magnet are - ebooks, webinars, reports, quizzes, videos, and courses. 

Whereas, content upgrades are pieces of content that are offered to a page reader that falls into the category of page content. Technically, they are also lead magnets. But the only difference is that they generate higher conversions.

Improve Your Landing Pages

If you have landing pages that are built specifically for lead generation, then it is important to improve them. There are certain ways through which you can ensure to optimize your landing pages for better conversions. These are:

  1. Remove navigation bar
  2. Your landing page visitor should only have two options available: close the page or convert it. 
  3. CTA button should be visible 
  4. It is important to run A/B tests

Use Guest Blogging to Capture Leads

Guest blogging is one of the best content ideas for lead generation. It is an important content marketing activity to generate leads and also to gain quality backlinks. Most websites allow you to leave an interlink in the author’s bio of your guest post. It is a good practice to leave a link of your landing page by promising your guest post readers a lead magnet. However, it works only when you provide a relevant lead magnet to your guest post. 

Target Long-tail Keywords

For all the small and mid-size business, targeting long-tail keywords is one of the ways to get qualified lead generation with content marketing. The intent of these keywords is easy to detect. Besides, there is low competition for long-tail keywords. There are a number of tools like SEMrush that can help you find the long-tail keywords a potential lead might use. Once you get these keywords, create your content by targeting them. Also, your page should be optimized for these keywords. 

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Remember, the way to gain a customer passes through qualified leads. Following these steps, you will be able to gain qualified leads through content marketing. However, if this entire process sounds a bit out of syllabus or complex to you, consider taking professional help from a digital marketing agency. Auxesis Infotech is one of the leading digital marketing companies. With years of experience, we offer exceptional content marketing services as well as other digital marketing services like SEO, SMO PPC, email marketing, and more.

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