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Keep Your Business Active and Alive With These Internet Marketing Strategies
27 May, 2020

How to Navigate Your Business Digitally During The Global Pandemic?

The effects of COVID-19 on the current world business and the global economy is no longer a secret. Businesses are operating remotely and people are working from their respective homes. They are not just working on their business but also ensuring to make it active and alive through internet marketing strategies. Such is the impact of this global pandemic that the future of the world economy is still unclear for the next few months. But that is just a part of the current situation. People have accepted the fact that it will take some time to get things back to normal. But at the same time, they want their business to keep going. What they want to know is the way to get their business back to normal once all this is over. 

Hence, we have created this post to help you navigate your business digitally during this pandemic. 

Since the future of world business is still unpredictable, it is important that you build both short term strategies for your business during this pandemic. Short term strategies are helpful to keep your business visible during a difficult time like this global pandemic. Short term strategies can help you in brand building that allows you to connect with your customers. Let’s have a look at some strategies that you can look to implement in your business. 

  • Focus on Reduced CPCs

If you have enough funds to spend on internet marketing strategies, then consider spending on paid ads. There is a reason why you should do this to navigate your business digitally during this pandemic. It is because of the economic crisis that most organizations are on cost-cutting, especially from their marketing budget. This makes advertisements less competitive and more reliable and affordable during this time. Besides, the scope and advantages of ads are not a secret anymore. Ads immensely help businesses to reach a large audience in quick time and that too in a small budget.

  • Re-visit Your Keywords and Market the Right Ones

SEO services at the present time is a big thing for businesses. It’s a way to have an online presence. But at the same time, it has become very competitive. For a pharmaceutical business, keywords like “online medicines” have skyrocketed. Similarly, if you have a website for your gym, then targeting the keyword “best gym in (location)” would not give you anything because of such high competition on such keywords. As a result of that, businesses are have started looking to target other keywords. For instance, for gym business, you can also target “best shoulder workout”. Considering the current situation, you can also target keywords like “best shoulder exercise to do at home” for your videos on various social media platforms. You can even build a social media strategy during COVID-19 where you can support your ads and posts on social media with your videos.

  • Offer Free Online Services

In order to keep your business alive and active, it is important to offer some free online services. For instance, fitness service providers can host some online sessions with their customers. Similarly, an education business can offer some online tutorials to students. This is a great way to build brand loyalty during this pandemic time. Doesn’t matter if you are not getting paid for these free online services. You have a better of these customers buying your services or membership in the future when things get back to normal. 

  • Let Your Customers Feel Your Presence

Even if you are business is struggling during this pandemic, do not let your customers know about it. In fact, let them know your presence. How to do it? It’s simple! Send them emailers about what you are doing - whether you are offering online delivery services, helping employees, doing anything for society, and also mention them to stay home and stay home.

  • Use Relevant Hashtags

If you have incorporated a social media strategy during COVID-19, hashtags are very much important to make your posts or videos appear to all users on social media. Here are some coronavirus related hashtags that you can look to target in your social media marketing campaign during this time - #StopTheSpread #FOMO #SocialDistancing #JOMO. 

  • Organize Webinar or An Event Online

As an effect of COVID-19, various important events have got canceled in the past few months. However, the same is expected to go for another few months. With technology and the internet, you can still host events through live streams. Whether you have a product launch, an anniversary celebration of your company, or anything important, you can leverage the power of social media to engage your audience. You can also come up with some great offers and deals for the people who join you on your live stream.

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For the time being, it is best to stick to your short-term strategies operating your business remotely as the future is quite uncertain. Being visible is important in the current time to stay in the eyes and to be connected with your audience. If you are looking for professional help in that, Auxesis Infotech is here to help you. Being a noted web development agency, we have proven experience in providing the best solutions to our clients. Meanwhile, stay home and stay safe!

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