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The Evolution of SEO With Voice-Based Searches
28 September, 2020

How Voice Search Impacts Modern SEO

Agree or not but the voice search technology has made it a lot easier for users to search and find the required product or services. With voice searching, there is no need to type a keyword or phrase to search for a particular thing; all you just have to do is speak and accordingly your search result is ready on your device. Such is the impact of this technology that it has also found its place in the search engine optimization space. Experts believe that this technology is all set to disrupt the traditional SEO. Over the years, the voice search technology growth has completely changed the outlook of finding information, a product or service through smartphones. As a result of that, the technology is often seen as the new transformation in the search optimization space.

The impact of voice assistants on search marketing is quite huge. Hence, in this post, we will talk about how voice search technology is influencing modern SEO. So, let’s get started. 

  • Keyword Research

Once keywords used to be the heart and soul of SEO. Over the time, the importance of keywords has slightly decreased because of the keywords spam content. That doesn’t mean keywords are not at all important in conventional SEO. However, in voice-based SEO, keyword research is definitely going to change. Under voice-based SEO, the focus will be on embedding keywords in the content as per users’ intent. This is definitely going to be a task for both SEO professionals and content creators.

  • Natural Language

The voice search technology growth over the years has made the technology well-adapted to everyday language. This allows users to give commands as if they are having a conversation or speaking to a human. The technology is also expected to improve for any areas of potential error. Such is the impact of voice assistants on search marketing that as per 2018 Internet Trends Report, nearly 70% of voice searches in English were made in a natural and conversational way. 

  • Question Based Searches

With voice-activated search engines, users do not have to type keywords multiple times for relevant search results. This will make the search more sorted. With voice-based search, users will be able to focus more on asking a query in a question form rather than including a keyword. For example - instead of typing “best Italian restaurant”, a user can simply command “where do I get Italian food”.

  • Engaging and Conversational Content

The voice-based SEO services will focus on naturally written and conversational content. It will be important to embed targeted keywords in a piece of content in order to rank higher in the search results. In other words, you will have to make your content more human that must be aligned closely to users’ query.

  • Local SEO

Local SEO will play a major role in the voice-based search. In the present time, people prefer to search for local information through their phones. Therefore, local SEO will be a focus point in voice-activated search engines. 

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The future of voice-based searches is pretty evident. It will definitely be a big thing in modern SEO in the near future. But that doesn’t mean that the conventional SEO will no longer be an important thing. Now if you are looking to make the best use of this technology, well, we’re here to help you. As a noted digital marketing agency with years of proven experience, Auxesis Infotech aims to deliver the best web and digital marketing solutions to their clients. 

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