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Implementation of a legal compliance assessment portal, that includes an in-depth assessment mechanism and graphical reporting insights

During the initial days of the project, we had hit several roadblocks. Since the MVP was supposed to be developed quickly (before one of their competitors launched their product), we were forced to begin the implementation without freezing the complete scope. As a result, we faced real threat of technical debt buildup, and missing the deadline. But our team handled all the challenges maturely and the final product not only fulfilled the scope, but the project was completed before time. The outcome was 15% reduction is overall cost and 3x more customer acquisition through early mover advantage.

    Legal & Compliance
    15 months of development, ongoing maintenance

Tech Stack

Drupal 8
Amazon AWS
Highcharts Integration

Service Provided

In-depth user registration Journey
Statistics & graphical analytics report
Assessment & question bank mechanism implementation
Backend development
Frontend implementation
UI/UX design
SEO & performance optimization

Absolutely perfect experience. Top notch communication and deep technical expertise - A prefect partner for all our technical needs. 

Richard S.

Founder & CRO

About The Client

The client was a startup in the compliance space. With over 15 years of AML/Compliance background, the client along with his partner set out to create a revolutionary online assessment portal, that would be used by financial organisations for training and certification of their workforce.


This portal is a legal compliance assessment portal. The main purpose of this portal is to test and measure user's legal compliance knowledge quotient as compared to their competitors in different job roles, age groups, work domains and demographics. The project needed to be ready quickly (MVP was to be launched in a matter on months), as during that time, a few competitors of the client were working in a similar space, and the client wanted to have the early mover advantage in the market. 

Why & how we were chosen?

The client contacted us after going through our case studies, and they has a very rough outline of the requirement. But the timeline seemed extremely tight, and to be able to hit it, we needed to move fast. Discussions were done, and everything was finalised fast. We began with a very short discovery workshop, and kickstarted development. The client selected us because of they were extremely impressed with our effective technical suggestions, positive approach and clear communication.


There were a lot of challenges we faced with this project. The basis of this project was laid out by the quiz module, which has already done a good job and the module is very flexible as well. Most of the requirements of this project needed us to extend that to a very large extent, in order to provide the necessary complex functionality that the client wanted. For example, they needed that each test will have a certain category and difficulty level composition of questions. So each test will have 25% each from 4 categories, but then all the questions will have a 25% each from each difficulty level. The difficulty level might vary from level to level, but the overall difficulty composition must be the same. So some might have a tough Category A, and others might have a tough category B, but overall test difficulty feels shall remain the same. This is just one instance, and there were numerous such requirements which made the project very challenging. Another challenging feature was the comparison graphs. This site compares a staggering amount of data, and there are around 62 comparison graphs in this. We implemented the awesome Highcharts API for this, but this required a lot of research and computation and some advanced mysql query on our part for getting the data ready to be fed to Highcharts. Also, the Highcharts API was used extensively to change the look and feel of those graphs.

Solution Design

A Question bank, where admin can create questions for use in the test

Questions should have a category (again admin managed), a difficulty quotient (easy, moderate, hard, difficult). Questions can be of different types - like True/False, Image/Video questions, Multi-choice, option mapping etc. Each question was supposed to have different marks for the correct answers and an optional negative marking for wrong answers.

Questions Mapped to Proper Categories

Each Question, as mentioned above were supposed to be mapped to categories. Also, as mentioned above each question had a difficulty quotient. Now difficulty quotient calculation was of two modes - static & dynamic. The static mode was where an admin explicitly selected a difficulty quotient. As the test progresses and a substantial number of users have taken the test, the admin should have an option to select a category and mark questions for dynamic difficulty quotient calculation. Once they flipped a option switch, a dynamic difficulty level was calculated for each questions in each category based on correct response to the number of appearance ratio and all questions from that category were awarded a dynamic difficulty quotient.

In-depth Quiz Roll Out Mechanism

Quiz roll out mechanism needed to be incorporated. Admin could create and roll out quizzes as and when required. Each quiz could be of different types - static questions, where admin picked the questions manually from the question bank, and dynamic questions where questions were assigned to a quiz based on a pattern. For this admin needed to mention the number of categories and number of questions from each category. here there will be a shuffling of difficulty. A dynamic calculation mechanism will allow the quiz to be having varied difficulty level sections for different quizzes. So two users taking a quiz can get a difficult section A and other can get a relatively easy section B, but that will be then compensated by aa easy section B for first user and a difficult section B for second user. SO in other words, users might get sections of varied difficulty but overall difficulty of the test remains constant.

A Detailed Statistics for Admin and Users Based on Various Criteria Like Age Group, Profession and Demographics

Another important part was the statistics part. There was a leaderboard section where an user taking the test can see his ranking. Also, he sees about 15 graphs measuring his score against his peers across different age groups, job roles, educational qualifications and demographics. All test takers fills out the informations related to age groups, job roles etc while they register and then information is used at the end of the test to roll out the statistics.

Advanced Graphical Representation of Data

Also the client required different admin graphs, like questions appearance per category for automated test creation, total tests taken, total number users started the test but not completed it etc. Also, each registered user can access various graphs that would show comparison of their performance across various factors. There graphs are for general test performance, as well as their performance per test.

Absolutely perfect experience. Top notch communication and deep technical expertise - A prefect partner for all our technical needs. 

Richard S.

Founder & CRO

Future Plan

Impressed by our team's technical competence, the association continued. Once the product was live, market testing and user feedbacks revealed more features which we continued to develop in phases. Also, we were in charge of the portal maintenance and provide support to the backend team. 


The project, inspite of having an extremely steep timeline, hit the market earlier than expected. This gave a huge competitive advantage to the client. Also, the client initially did not have much idea regarding the Drupal backend, found it extremely easy to manage. They were very happy with our tech stack suggestion and pleased to see the complete control they had over the questions and assessment management. Also, the little admin testing mechanism we provided proved to be very helpful for the backend team to take various tests and make sure that the quizzes work as expected. 

15% reduction is cost

We were able to complete the project earlier than the planned timeline, and hence there was a 15% reduction in overall cost.

3x more customer acquisition

Because of the early mover advantage, the client was able to launch the product before his competitors, resulting in more customer acquisition.

In-depth assessment mechanism

we developed a powerful assessment platform, that could be easily controlled through the backend, giving more flecibility to the overall platform management.

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Work only with scalable technologies

The user can also earn referrals by introducing others to this platform, by providing them with his/her unique referral link. Moreover, product is underwritten by a portfolio of property assets generating an income and ensuring the future development and maintenance of the platform.

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Kaya Catering
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Minoxidil Max
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Foolad 24
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