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4 July, 2018

Online Business Advertisement - When, Where and How?


Online business advertising is one of the most trending topics to talk on, these days. Every business, big or small in this century, cannot survive the competition unless they are on the digital platform, i.e, the internet. Having a website of your business is important. You can also read our blog on - “why your business needs a website” to learn more about the essentials of having a website. Now that you run a business, and your website has also been created, let us now know more about the basic points to touch upon, here:-


    • WHEN?:- They say, “decisions determine destiny”. So, there is no specified time to start advertising your website. However, when your business is in the growth stage,i.e, when it has made a stronghold with its roots deeply penetrated into the market, experts believe that it is the ideal time to start advertising your business through your website. If advertising takes place at this stage, it not only helps in better growth but also helps in keeping a track of visitors who are keen to visit your website, know the needs of the current market, and select your target audience accordingly.

    • WHERE?:- Yes, on the internet of course, but where? To know where to advertise on this digital giant actually depends on certain factors:-

    1. ABOUT:- What is your website about? Not everything can be marketed everywhere. Why are medical shops always near hospitals or clinics? Why are street eateries always near shopping malls or departmental stores? They are there for a reason. Hence, the description of your website matters a lot when making a choice. What is it all about? What are you offering? The answer to these questions will also give the answer to-


For example:- If you offer a high-featured smartphone, at an affordable price - your potential customers would probably be the people in the age group of 22-35 years. However, if you offer cosmetics that help in reducing the effects of aging, your potential customers would be primarily women, aging between 35-50 years.

    • HOW?:- Websites are helpful in advertising your business, in numerous ways. However, some of the most important ones are:-

1.SATISFACTION:- People these days have no time to offer to anything that brings them out of their comfort zones. The personal time which they have for themselves is decreasing to a drastic level. Gone are those days when they enjoyed examining everything and selected everything by going at that particular place wherever it was available. The new definition of comfort is selecting digitally, paying instantly and getting it readily at home. Having a website that showcases your products or services, not only gives them the comfort of convenience but also a sense of satisfaction in their minds.

2.OPPORTUNITY:-  Website offers you the golden opportunity to attain the credibility of your potential customers, partners, stakeholders and others who are or will be relevant in making your business grow. The new definition of transparency of any business is getting digital. As Dalai Lama once said, “a lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity”. Don’t end up making your potential or interested users having doubts about your intentions by not being online. In fact, being online would show your sense of seriousness to your users.

3.DIGITAL BIO:-  It acts as the most informative tool which speaks for your business. These days, nobody has the time to listen patiently to marketing agents standing at their doorstep to sell their products or services. Gone are those days when people influenced other people’s choices. It is the era of the internet. Being concise yet informative digitally is the only path to success.

4.CREATE A REMEMBRANCE:- Once people are interested in your product or service from your website, provide them with the best service, be solution-oriented to their problems or needs for which they seek your products. It won’t just bring them happiness and satisfaction, but they would be bookmarking your website for your particular product or service. This would mean creating a remembrance, bringing in repeat customers and improved brand image.

5. TREND AWARENESS:- Having a website gives you a platform to know and analyze your current market, and adapt to the changes accordingly. This brings sustainability to your business and would help you create a recognition of your business.

Now that you know how having a single website can change your business so positively, and if you still do not have a website, or are struggling to make a good one, we at Auxesis Infotech are just a click away.

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