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The Future of Programmatic Advertising

Over the years, programmatic advertising has become one of the most online advertising trends. The benefits of this advertising model can be seen by the fact that even Google predicted (at the start of 2019) that around 60% of the advertising budget will buy programmatic advertising at the end of 2019. Evidently, for all advertisers, this model of advertising is becoming a norm in the present time for the majority of advertisers across the globe. Despite this, there is still some sort of uncertainty amongst marketers when it comes to choosing programmatic advertising over traditional advertising methods. Therefore, we have created this post to know what important role programmatic advertising plays in the future of digital advertising. So, let’s get started!

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Digital marketing tools and advertising techniques are the two most important factors that play important roles in the success of an organization in this digital era. When it comes to online marketing, programmatic advertising is considered to be an important model. Now, if you are wondering what exactly programmatic advertising means, well, as the name itself says - it is a program of software to get digital space. The entire process is very much efficient as well as cost-effective. Once advertising used to be a lengthy and ineffective process because of the sub-processes and human negotiations. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising has started to be considered amongst the biggest digital marketing trends making purchasing in digital space easier than ever. 

How Does Programmatic Advertising Works?

Believe it or not but programmatic advertising is changing the way how a business operates. From marketers engaged in email marketing to sales teams, this model of marketing has changed the business operations completely. Talking about how it works, well, it is easy to understand. This advertising model is nothing but an automatic bid on advertising inventory that occurs in real-time. As a result of this, the running ads make and optimize adverts to their liking. However, this is just one type of programmatic advertising. There are other types as well. 

When a person chooses to engage with a programmatic ad, a bid is presented by the website publishing the ad to get an impression in the auction of the ad. A thing to know here is that different advertisers are involved in the auction to get their ads displayed on the webpage. The advertiser with the highest big eventually wins. Being amongst the biggest digital marketing trends, this advertising model is highly competitive. Unlike any other auction, programmatic advertising auction is not at all time-consuming. It can be done in milliseconds. 

Types of Creative Formats For Programmatic Advertising
When it comes to programmatic advertising, there are different types of ad formats that organizations use for a successful ad campaign. These are:

  • Native Video
  • Lightbox Ad
  • YouTube Ad
  • App Promotion Ad
  • Parallax Ad
  • Flipbook
  • Audio Ad

How You Can Do Programmatic Advertising?

Now, comes the only part - how you can do programmatic advertising. Being amongst the popular online advertising trends, organizations look to make the most of this advertising model. But how can organizations actually implement programmatic advertising? Well, like traditional advertising, there are some factors that a business needs to keep into consideration before implementing it:

Set Goals

Without a vision, your ad will do nothing. Hence, it is important to set goals about what you need to expect to get out of your programmatic advertising. The vision could be different for different companies; for some, it could be the conversion rate whereas, for others, it could be click rates.

Study the Market

Follow the approach of any professional online advertising company. And what professionals do is - they study the market before making a plan for their clients. Since this type of advertising runs on apps, web pages, and audio-video contents, it is important to know what type of web pages your target users are visiting. Not just this, you also have to know what your competitors are doing in the same space. 

Follow the Full-Funnel Approach

Based on your consumer’s journey, take the full-funned approach, and target your audience. It is indeed a great way to build your brand name in the market.

Select Your Audience

Your target audience matters the most in order to fulfill the campaign objectives. Advertisers often get the option to either choose the audience for no extra cost provided by Google or purchase the first-party audience or the third-party audience. It all depends on the goals of your campaign. 

Talking about the future of digital advertising, certainly, programmatic advertising has got it covered. The advertising model is definitely on the rise because of the efficiency it delivers. A lot of iterations are needed in the traditional advertising campaign. Even after those iterations, traditional marketing is still a hit or miss. But, this is not the case with programmatic advertising. Organizations don’t need to worry about their ad expenditures. It ensures the best ROI and in the best possible way. 

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Now, if this has convinced you to choose programmatic advertising to put your brand in the market, Auxesis Infotech is here to help you. We are a leading digital marketing agency with proven experience and rich expertise in providing clients with the best solutions considering their requirements and expectations. 

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