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An Insight Into The Perks of Having a Website For Your Small Business
26 January, 2021

Reasons Why Having a Website is Important For Startups

Do you know that there are more than 543 million active websites in the world? 

Well, the above fact itself talks about the demand for websites for businesses in this fast-paced digital world. However, there are still many small scale businesses that are yet to take advantage of an online presence. In fact, many have this ideology that a small business doesn’t need a website. Hence comes the question, is it really the case? Certainly not! Irrespective of the size, every business can flourish and increase its reach in this competitive digital world with a website supported by effective marketing strategies. So, in this post, we will be talking about the importance of a website for startups in order to flourish in the market. 

But before that, let’s have a look at some convincing facts that talk a lot about why a startup business should look to invest in website design and development services

  1. 80% of users spend at least an hour a day on social media. Not just this, 93% of businesses invest their time and effort in social media marketing. The relation between these two stats is indeed very clear. 
  2. 88% of users who search for a particular business type on a mobile device make a call or go to that particular business within 24 hours
  3. 75% of users confess that they make a judgment about the credibility of a company by visiting its website. 
  4. You would be amazed to know that 63% of the global internet is projected by mobile devices. And being on-the-go technology, definitely you would want to target mobile users. 
  5. Without a website, you’re only focusing on 7% of the market because the stat says that 93% of business deals are done through websites. 

Now, let’s have a look at some important points that vouch for the importance of a website for startups. 

  • A Website Shows Professionalism

Being in the corporate world, you’re expected to be professional, especially when you deal with trading. Let’s think from a customers’ point of view; if you are a purchaser, you definitely want a clear process of purchase in order to make a decision about whether or not to buy services or products from a particular supplier. A website of a supplier here becomes an important part of the deal as it will help you clear all your queries. And on the basis of that, you will get to know whether or not a business or supplier is professional. 

  • It Helps You Build Credibility

It’s no hidden secret that a majority of users consider a website as a means to ascertain the credibility of a business. Hence, comes the importance of a website for startups. Without a website, you cannot create a sense of trust in the minds of users for your business. Since a website displays the vision, mission, values, and attitude towards clients, it helps you create a reputation and generate trust. 

  • A Website Serves As An Important Means of Marketing

For a startup without a website, it could take years to become a well-established business. That doesn’t mean having a digital presence can make you an established company overnight. However, it can certainly reduce the time. And it’s all because a website serves as an important source of marketing. The importance of a website for startups in terms of marketing can be ascertained by the fact that it gives you the opportunity to spread the wings of your business far and wide. A website doesn’t limit your business operations to a particular geographical location. Instead, it gives you the opportunity to do business all over the world. 

  • It’s Your Business Portfolio

A website plays a crucial role in bidding a sales pitch to potential clients. It can help potential clients to get in-depth knowledge about your business, its values, mission, and vision. In other words, it acts as your business portfolio where you can also showcase your past work, expertise, specialization, and more to potential clients. 

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The importance of a website for a startup mainly depends on the nature of its business. However, the most important and common benefits for all types of businesses are the ones that are aforementioned. With that, if you’re now convinced to have a website for your startup, Auxesis Infotech is here to help you. Being a noted web agency, we carry immense experience in the industry. Over the years, we have worked on numerous projects, 

Why Having a Website is Important For Startups, Reasons Why Having a Website is Important
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