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Which CMS is most successful for SEO?

Choosing Right CMS Is Very Much Important For The Good Health Of Your Website.

If your site doesn't perform well in terms of search results and page ranks, then no doubt your online presence will suffer badly. Here we come up with some facts which can help you in getting an idea about successful CMS for SEO.There are so many open source CMS available in the market but when significant content management principles are involved, then names like Drupal, Magento, Joomla & Wordpress wins the battle. Now the next question arises that which CMS is best suited for SEO. Now, we will examine from SEO point of view & understand which one of them is best in terms of optimization.

Joomla- It has very much potential to rank high if the pages and website are set up properly but it requires attention and initial care in terms of SEO. Joomla requires SEO extensions in order to truly search engine friendly. One should definitely install sh404SEF to get some needful SEO configuration power- this will allow making your URLs search engine friendly, by this you can update your page title and meta information. In brief, if your Joomla website needs something more than just basic optimization then it will be bit hectic work for newbies.

Magento- When you install Magento it is not inherently SEO friendly. One should make sure that settings related to products propagation, setting product meta tags and managing URL rewrites are properly placed else it will trouble as you proceed further.

WordPress- No doubt WordPress is one of the most SEO friendlies when compared to others CMS. There are many tremendous plugins which make SEO super easy in WordPress. For creating tags for posts it doesn't require any extension like in Joomla. You can get high ranking even if you are not an experienced person. WordPress is not inherently designed for e-commerce, however, there are many shopping carts and e-commerce plugins that can be adopted. So these all best work for small e-commerce stores.


Drupal- It is most powerful CMS that was designed to be SEO friendly. It provides numbers of modules for any SEO activity. Drupal automatically creates title-based URLs or produce customizable meta tags, this is the feature lacking with WordPress and Joomla. Drupal is best for the large websites.It also supports Resource Description Framework (RDF) and integrates easily with Google Analytics and provides more advanced SEO facilities.So, Drupal stands strong even when it comes to SEO, it is a well built CMS and can handle thousands of pages and thousands of users simultaneously.

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