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Top Tips For a Successful Website Rebranding in 2020
16 February, 2020

Top Tips For a Successful Website Rebranding in 2020

With a New Year comes the new beginning, right? Alright, we agree, it’s quite late to say that as it’s already been a few days stepping into the year 2020. But that doesn’t matter, especially when you are planning to do something more beneficial and productive like rebranding your website. 

Talking about rebranding, well, it is indeed one of the most important things to do (after a certain period of time) in this present era where everything is digital. Rebranding a website not does only means giving your site a digital identity change but it also means making your goals and vision clear to users. For a fact, website rebranding is one of the most essential factors defining the success of an organization. Thus, the entire process should be given good professional care. And to help you make that happen, we have come up with this post which includes the top tips for a successful website rebranding in 2020. 

  • Redefine Your Company’s Vision and Mission

A website without any long-term vision or mission is ineffective, even if it includes an aesthetically pleasing design. Developing your goals and vision is very crucial for the success of your redesigning project. Having a clear picture of what are you doing and why are you doing makes it a lot easier for you to understand and implement your rebranding process.

  • Reestablish Your Brand Audience and Market

Knowing your brand audience is also one of the most important factors influencing the successful rebranding of your website. And for that, you have to do extensive market research. Only after the research, you’ll be able to know who are your customers or are your customers the same as you thought?

Check if there is a new competitor whose product and services are in direct competition with yours. If there is any, conduct research on their consumers. Now compare the result with your initial target market and audience. This would help you know some stark differences. And according to that, you can reestablish your target market and brand audience. 

  • Speak With Potential Vendors

Now that you’ve done with the preplanning part, it’s time for you to choose the best services. And by saying the best, we really mean ‘the best’. After all, you don’t want to compromise with anything while doing a rebranding of your website. While looking for a web design agency, you will come across tons of firms with an impressive and appealing portfolio. But the question is are they actually have a good team that can work on your values, communication style, and workflow? 

To get a clear thought about a particular web designing and development expert, it is important to talk to them over a phone or meet in person. This will certainly help you know about the company’s ability to collaborate. 

  • Ask Questions

Questioning is an important part of the entire process of hiring a web agency. There are thousands of agencies that can build or rebrand your website, but you want the one that can achieve your company’s goals and is easy to work with. Hence, to ensure whether or not a company has these traits, it is significant to ask them three questions:

  1. Do they have the skills that fit best with your needs? Industry experience is something which you can find in any organization. But, what matters is if the company has experience with your specific needs. To know that, verify whether or not the company has completed projects with similar requirements. 
  2. How quickly do they revert? Website design and development is a complicated task. And for that, you don’t want an agency that does not revert you within 24 hours. 
  3. How specific are their solutions? During the initial meets or consultation with the potential vendor (web agency), notice how specific are they ono their solutions. An experienced and high-quality agency will understand the pain points and then propose the best solutions. 

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Rebranding is not at a cakewalk. But, with good planning and best expert help you can make it a bit hassle-free. Talking about excellent expertise, well, Auxesis Infotech has all the knowledge and skills to help you make your website rebranding a successful one.

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