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How Voice Commerce Will Transform E-commerce Business
10 June, 2020

Voice Commerce – The Future of E-Commerce

In recent times, a lot has changed in search technology across the internet - thanks to the evolution of voice technology. This technology has made human life a lot easier. Such is the impact of voice technology in human life that a large number of people are already using it as their primary means to search for anything online. Not just this, the future of e-commerce is also considered to be safe with this technology. One of the main reasons why this technology has gained a lot of hype is because of the fact that it actually arouses people’s interest. The technology is being used across several domains and industry niches, one being e-commerce. 

In the past few years, the e-commerce industry has changed a lot from what it used to be. Unlike those old days, today, customers always remain just a few click away to avail e-commerce services. And making their services a lot easier and accessible, e-commerce platforms are using voice search technology.

What is Voice Commerce?

Voice commerce is basically a technology that is pretty easy to understand. The technology provides an alternative to customers to purchase a product. The alternative way does not include the use of keyword & mouse and makes the entire shopping process fast, seamless, and convenient.

Understanding Voice Search in E-commerce

Well, it is no hidden secret that voice search marketing has impacted e-commerce significantly. As mentioned above, voice search plays an important role in e-commerce, most of the top e-commerce brands have implemented a voice-controlled virtual assistant such as Amazon Echo which is powered by Alexa. 

This makes the future of e-commerce well sorted as voice-activated virtual assistants support a variety of uses which is not just restricted to shopping, but also searching for information, listening to music, ordering food, and more. Voice assistant not only makes it easy for customers to place orders but it can also check the history of the past purchases and also come up with suggestions based on the search history.

No doubt, voice search technology has simplified the process of online shopping than ever before. People remain busy nowadays and often do multitasking. There is a fact that customers often indulge in online shopping while doing some other work, such as traveling.  Hence, the virtual voice search makes it easier for them to shop while indulging in some other task. This is one of the important reasons why this technology is considered to be the future of online shopping. It is not just extremely convenient for first-time shopping but also for repetitive orders because of the voice search algorithms. 

How Does Voice Commerce Work?

There are various voice commerce trends that define how voice commerce actually works. But when it comes to how customers can use it, well, it depends on certain requirements. These are:

  • You Need a Device That Has Voice Assistant

By saying a device with a voice assistant, it clearly means a smartphone or a voice-activated device like that of Google Home or Amazon Echo. 

  • You Need to Give a Command to Activate

It works in a simple way - you have to speak a command to your device in order to get started. For instance, in Apple phones, you say “Hey Siri”. 

  • You Need to Use an Action Word

Giving just command isn’t enough to get your work done. You’ll also have to use an action word. For example, you say “Hey Siri, order product XYZ” and Siri gets your work done.

  • Be Mindful of Your Tones

An important thing to understand here is that you speak clearly and in the right tone about what you want to order. Since it is a technology, the voice assistant will order or display what it has captured or recognized from your command. 

What Does the Future of Voice Commerce Look Like?

Voice commerce marketing has all the potential to be a game-changer for both B2B and B2C e-commerce if implemented the strategy and followed the voice commerce trends effectively. Besides, it is also important to overcome the barriers to the adoption of voice commerce. 

As per Google, 20% of all searches on Google are made through voice assistance. The stats are expected to increase in the future, considering the busy reliability and convenience e-commerce businesses provide to their customer by hiring voice search marketing services. Another interesting fact related to voice commerce says that amongst the entire technology user base, the U.S. solely accounts for 42.7%

Furthermore, some reports have even predicted that voice commerce will account for half of all online searches by the year 2020. Not just this, it is also expected that the technology will be considered as a worthy investment that will change the future of online shopping all in a positive way. It will allow users to search for products in online stores as they would interact with a store person. 

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