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Here are the Ways to Create an Appealing One-Page Website
20 October, 2019

Here are the Ways to Create an Appealing One-Page Website

For many businesses, a one-page website all that they need. However, like any other full-fledged website, a one-page website also requires special consideration to build it. Of course, there are many pros and cons associated with one-page websites but that’s just come in second place. In the present time, more and more web designers are drawn towards the one-page website trend. Wondering why? Well, it’s simple, less time-consuming, and offers some impressive designs. But that’s not what this blog is about. As the title itself says (and since you have searched for it), here are the tips to create an appealing one-page website.


What is One-Page-Website?

You can skip this part if you are already aware of what one-page website is! But, those who don’t about it, give me the honour to give you an overview of the one-page website. As the name itself suggests the meaning, a one-page website is a single-page website that includes just one HTML page. Like any other average website, a menu bar is also included on the one-page websites (not in all but in most websites). And when you click/tap on the navigation links, the website automatically jumps down to that particular section of the site. This is typically done through JavaScript, Ajax, CSS3, and jQuery.


Tips to Design an Effective One-Page Website

  • Keep it Simple

In website designing, you can say - presentation is key to any website’s success. And this works in the case of one-page websites as well. Before designing your website, devout some time to get answers of a few questions - what you need from your website, what your focus is, and what you want to convey through it. Finding these answers will help you satiate the needs of end-users in a better and simple way. 

Whenever a user visits a website, he/she expects to get the essential information right away. Therefore, make sure the text used on the website is easy to read and the content is short and to the point. It’s important that your content answer the 5 W’s: Who, What, Why, When, and Where.

  • Set up a Logical Layout

It’s very important to the first plan the entire structure or layout of reading experience that you want to give to your end-users, and then conceptualize it. Doing so will help you dividing every piece of your content into the categories of most important, less important, and least important. This is called the cone principle where the most important information comes at the top of the website followed by the less important and least important contents. 

  • Tell Your Story Through Multimedia

For a time being, consider yourself the end-user and just imagine, what would be more appealing to you a simple plain text or a set of images, slideshows, and story-telling videos? Well, I know your answer (and that’s mine too) - the visual graphics! Be it a full-fledged website or a one-page website, visual content is the best way to tell “who you are” and “what you do”. 

  • An Easy-to-Use Navigation

Since you have a one-page website, hence, all the contents will be displayed on a single web page. This helps users to get all the information on a single page. Even though he/she can scroll through the website but there is a need for easy-to-use navigation to make your website user-friendly. The navigation option automatically takes users to that particular content section. Instead of making your users scroll down, you can set the navigation to jump all the way to a particular section (by tapping on it) using anchor links. 

  • Strong Call to Action

Like any other fully-developed website, a one-page website is also no exception when it comes to strong call-to-action. An effective call to action is very essential to guide users on what to do next and how they can take the action. In simple words, a CTA tells users to take a specified action. Sign up, get started, contact sales, and free trial are some common CTAs texts are mainly featured on B2B companies’ websites. 


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